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Re: Theos-World Compare Aanad's statement to Leadbeater's....

May 05, 2009 01:16 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anand attacks Daniel as follows:
If Masters admit it, why does Daniel expect that Annie Besant, Leadbeater or 
anybody else should be infallible in what they say and do? And Daniel goes 
to other extreme.

Anand shows here again - not surprizing - his Jesuitic mindset to turn 
around Daniel's words and spirit.

Besant and Leadbeater we not attacked, because they made errors or regarded 
as infallible.

They were attacked, because:

1. they themselves forced members to believe blindly in their infallibility

2. they openly opposed the regular messengers of the Masters in the 
chaldeo-aryo-tibetan transmission line

3. they were not open for alternate views, even if primary sources as 
Mahatma Letters were published as proof for their misinterpretation of their 

4. When Master K.H. ordered in 1894 to kick out Annie Besant from the E.S. 
because of several breakings of the rules (slander, blackmail against Olcott 
and Judge), she was not willing to accept His decision and in 1897 launched 
a new E.S. of her own, destroyed the esoteric manuscripts of HPB for the 3rd 
vol. of the Secret Doctrine and claimed to be still in touch with the 
Masters - even higher Masters than HPB and Judge had.

This "cant about Masters" (the 1900 K.H. letter to her) was so silly that 
even Rudolf Steiner was laughing, when he visited her E.S. meeting in London 
and found all members on the floor and breathing in hatha yoga style.

So the FACTS are quite the opposite of the rumors, slanders and 
desinformation spread by Anand.



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