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Re: Theos-World Re: Annie Besant on Her Messiah

May 05, 2009 00:07 AM
by Leon Maurer

According to the true theosophy, messiahs are avatars who come only at the end of great ages, to prepare us for the next. The last such avatar was Krishna, who came at the end of the Bronze Age around 5-6000 years ago. The next is Maitreya, who is scheduled to come at the end of this current Iron Age, some 400,000 years from now. All those supposed "messiahs," in between, are simply impostors or wise teachers falsely considered as avatars (after they are dead) by brainwashed blind believers in organized religions governed by greedy self made priests and their cohorts. If that isn't utterly crazy, if not ludicrous, I don't know what else it can be. ;-)

How can there be any changes in the spiritual field -- when all that can describe the fundamental nature of overall reality, both spiritually and materially, has been thoroughly known for ages, and already given out in outline, for all to see, by the Masters, through their agent, HPB... To be studied, practiced and realized by anyone willing to take the time and effort to learn its deepest secrets... Cleverly disclosed only to any "intuitive student" imaginative enough to "read in and around the words and between the lines" -- so as to penetrate the true meaning hidden behind HPB's "blinds" in the SD. (The intuitive student -- with as good a sense of humor and graphic imagination as Blavatsky -- will know exactly what I mean.)

Unimaginative, "pig headed" (as HPB might say;-) followers of the pseudo theosophic babblings of Leadbeater, Bailey, and other false prophets or "channelers" -- will always remain misled in the astral world of rays, emanations and magical superstitions, that they think is spiritual knowledge. How more ridiculously crazy can human beings get? ;-)


On May 4, 2009, at 5/4/099:58 PM, Anand wrote:

Daniel's derogatory remarks of calling Messiah related things as craze are not appropriate. Because of such propaganda against Messiah it will become more difficult for people to recognize and accept true messiah, even if he really comes. Another thing is if messiahs did not come, then Blavatsky's doctrine becomes false. Given the state of ignorance in which humanity is, it is more logical to assume that messiahs will come for every one or two thousand years in future. Also world is going through such fast change and going to an entirely new level of evolution. To me great changes and progress in spiritual field seems more logical. Theosophical Society itself was great milestone. However, sometimes I feel that when Theosophical teachings are not yet digested by much of humanity, what other teaching can be given at this point?
Anand Gholap

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The 'apostle affair' came from Arundale and AB made it public as she believed him to be connected to the Masters, which he was not. That was her mistake, and a pretty grave one, and big enough to have us reminded of KH's critique of her. In those days I think it was only K, CWL, Scott and Hodson who were connected.

G.S. Arundale had published a book 'Nirvana', which was praised by Leadbeater and Annie Besant. Do you want to say that Arundale reached that state without having connection with any of the Masters? And there are perhaps more indications which tell that Annie Besant and Leadbeater considered Arundale as one in contact with the Masters. Being in contact with Master does not mean that person does not make blunders. Masters don't guide every action of disciples. They have much more important things to do than that. I suspect that some dark powers might have involved in seeing World Teacher project fail. These dark powers try to mislead some individuals, so that good work gets spoiled.
Anand Gholap


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