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Re: Theos-World Annie Besant

May 04, 2009 09:15 PM
by Augoeides-222

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Yep , his name is definitely on the credits. George Lucas , Steven Speilberg and a certain Author I know all went through the Film School together. One thing that indicated to me was the script name of the main hero "Luke Skywalker" skywalker being the transliteration of Tulku and Luke has the equivelant of a mahatma in the mentor obe 1 kenobe was it? "Skywalker" is also the name of one of Lucas's Business entitys. They didn't actually proclaim "May the Fohat be with you!" Lol! 

Regards, John 

PS: BTW a while back there was a thread in regards to "The New Acropolis" in LA California which I was familiar with personally. Anton might want to view thiis video I recently viewed that featured the Director of the New Acropolis of LA years ago, Martin Leiderman. I think it is a chance to see a real Theosophist who was and is dedicated so much and sacrificed much for the furtherance of Theosophy: 

The Theosophical Society -The Divine Plan A lecture given by Martin Leiderman 


Thanks for the link. 
I noticed that it was produced by Lucasfilms and George Lucas is the 
executive producer. Lucas is the famous producer of Starwars and had a home 
in Ojai where Krishnamurti resided. I recall reading that he ad visited with 
J Krishnamurti and some of the ideas of Krishnmurti may have been at the 
background of Starwars story. 

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> See a documentary about Annie Besant at: 
> Erica 
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