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Messiah needed now!!!

May 04, 2009 03:42 PM
by MKR

It looks TS and world needs a messiah now, to fix all the problems in the TS
and the world. With TS, the messiah may have a hard time convincing the
theosophists until he gets into the Comasonry and LCC and he passes a
medical exam for his (mental) fitness and he may have show some academic
degree (preferably a PhD) because who cares for someone without proper
academic credentials in today's environment?

Does anyone remember the story of Pope wanting to visit the Lord in Heaven?
This may apply to messiah also.

Pope died and was met by Peter at the entrance to heaven. Peter asked Pope
if he has any wish before he is sent to home in heaven for good. Pope told
Peter that he would like to visit with the Lord before he goes to his
permanent abode. Peter told Pope that visiting with the Lord is a very
sensitive matter and he would highly recommend that Pope does not press him.
Pope told Peter that after all the hard work he has done on Earth, he does
not feel good to go to his permanent abode before seeing the Lord. Peter,
this time was more serious and tried to discourage Pope from visiting with
the Lord. You know how stubborn and arrogant some of the leaders can be. He
insisted and Peter opened a door in heaven and told Pope if he goes that way
he will go the Lords's place. After an hour, Pope was back; he was not the
same ebullient happy man and was a ghost of his former self. Peter asked him
if there was any problem and did he meet the Lord. Pope replied: Yet I met
the Lord, and she was a black woman. (Plagiarized from somewhere -- this
disclaimer is for copyright zealots reading this!!!)


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