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Re: Theos-World J Krishnamurti Videos on Youtube

May 04, 2009 11:02 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear MKR 

My views are:

There are levels of consciousness, where you will know.
But, there will also be doubt if you do not know, but only assumes that you know.
There will always be a little doubt if you do not know. These are my views and claimed knowledge.

So why by Propaganda promote a World Teacher and Messiah in advance ? -  And while reciting like at a Mass....: "We are not about creating an emotional cult here".... "Our former sexual-clairvoyant-bishop-mistake have truly pointed out who the Messiah is"...."Just believe it, you do not need to know"... ....cough cough... .... "No Gurus are allowed, even if we promote one"..."You, know"..."We are serious theosophists!" (Lol. I will have to laugh.)

As the X-files says: I Want to Believe! 

I will now them on their fruits. I would say: Teachers delievers fruits, and Avatars delivers fruitgardens. Try to read my e-mail to Anand.

I will only recommend Bhakti worship to the deity within each individuals own Self.
Yet guides and teachers can be and are helpful when the pupil is ready. But I suggest that we keep the focus on the Divine within our Self. And that we do not worship the non-Divine or let emotions control our search for an external Messiah not showing any spiritual fruits in accordance with the wisdom teachings, and not only fruits given by propaganda requiring mere belief.

There is a clear difference between the teachings given by J. Krishnamurti, Alice A. Bailey, Sai Baba, Prem Rawat, and H. P. Blavatsky.
To learn and know about the differences could be considered important, even if it takes time.

- - -
A minor excerpt...


Diversi aspetti in un confusi e misti.
"Ger. Lib," cant. iv. 7.

Different appearances, confused and mixt in one.

Centauri, e Sfingi, e pallide Gorgoni.
"Ger. Lib.," c. iv. v.

(Centaurs and Sphinxes and pallid Gorgons.)

One moonlit night, in the Gardens at Naples, some four or five gentleman were
seated under a tree, drinking their sherbet, and listening, in the intervals of
conversation, to the music which enlivened that gay and favourite resort of an
indolent population. One of this little party was a young Englishman, who had
been the life of the whole group, but who, for the last few moments, had sunk
into a gloomy and abstracted reverie. One of his countrymen observed this sudden
gloom, and, tapping him on the back, said, "What ails you, Glyndon? Are you ill?
You have grown quite pale, you tremble. Is it a sudden chill? You had better
go home: these Italian nights are often dangerous to our English constitutions. 

"No, I am well now; it was a passing shudder. I cannot account for it myself."

A man, apparently of about thirty years of age, and of a mien and countenance
strikingly superior to those around him, turned abruptly, and looked steadfastly
at Glyndon.

"I think I understand what you mean," said he; "and perhaps," he added, with a
grave smile, "I could explain it better than yourself." Here, turning to the
others, he added, "You must often have felt, gentlemen, each and all of you,
especially when sitting alone at night, a strange and unaccountable sensation of
coldness and awe creep over you; your blood curdles, and the heart stands still;
the limbs shiver; the hair bristles; you are afraid to look up, to turn your
eyes to the darker corners of the room; you have a horrible fancy that something
unearthly is at hand; presently the whole spell, if I may so call it, passes
away, and you are ready to laugh at your own weakness. Have you not often felt
what I have thus imperfectly described? if so, you can understand what our
young friend has just experienced, even amidst the delights of this magical
scene, and amidst the balmy whispers of a July night."

"Sir," replied Glyndon, evidently much surprised, "you have defined exactly
the nature of that shudder which came over me. But how could my manner be so
faithful an index to my impressions? "

"I know the signs of the visitation," returned the stranger, gravely; "they
are not to be mistaken by one of my experience."

When we meet the higher, we know it is higher.

But assuming the it requires blind belief would not be a proper idea to follow.

M. Sufilight

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  From: MKR 
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  Subject: Re: Theos-World J Krishnamurti Videos on Youtube

  Does anyone know how to positively identify "World Teacher"?

  On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 11:00 AM, Anand <> wrote:

  > Prof. Catherine Wessinger says
  > "He (J.Krishnamurti) told a friend I don't give a damn about World Teacher
  > and he wondered why they had picked him."
  > and
  > "He made it clear that he was not the world teacher, not the messiah"
  > It appears that Theosophists are wrongly calling J. Krishnamurti World
  > Teacher, when Krishnamurti himself made it clear that he was not the World
  > Teacher.
  > Anand Gholap

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