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Re: Compare Anand's & Leadbeater's Words

May 04, 2009 10:42 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand you admit the following:

It is true that if somebody accepts apostles did not exist, then much part of Gospels will go. In addition to that there is one more difficulty. St. Paul wrote about apostles Peter etc. If apostles did not exist, then some letters from St. Paul will also become false documents.

Let us look at the implications of what you are admitting here on theos-talk.

Are you saying that some of St. Paul Letters are "false documents"?

If so, then the gospels are "false documents", right?

All of these documents contain false-hoods, untruths, right?

And yet you promote and recommend such false documents....!!!!

If I mistake not you are the very same identical person who has said you cannot recommend anyone to read any of HPB's works or the Mahatma Letters because you say they contain terrible mistakes, misstatements and untruths.  False docuements you might so characterize them as!!!

And yet you have a website where you recommend people to read and study the Bible --- many of the books which apparently are "false documents".

And you also believe and promote the Christian message which is found in these same "false documents"....


Fascinating is all that I can say.


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