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Re: To Keith Fisher: The 2008 PTS Election Letters

May 04, 2009 02:21 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Keith,

The extracts are actually taken from the document sent by the Executive Committee:

And I must say that I share its interpretation of the TS Rules and Regulations as it is generally accepted standard in public elections that the election campaign ceases few days before the voting.

But the problem with its declaration was that it didn't use the same standard in regard to the Radha Burnier's letter to the GC members (although it is true that she sent it three days before the date of issue of the voting list) and that it largely transcended its authority, to say nothing about the statement that "in the larger interest of the Society ? the Executive Committee decided by consensus not to countermand the votes of the members of any Sections or Lodges," or, in other words, that in the larger interest of the Society the illegality can be tolerated.

I am afraid that members of the Executive Committee have confused some partial or separate interest with that of the Society as it is my firm conviction that in the largest interest of the Society, its membership and theosophical cause at large is actually strict respect of the Society's Rules and Regulations in the spirit of brotherhood, and that only in the case when this spirit of brotherhood and cooperation is present there is possible to consensually overcome the rigidness of formal restrictions.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "keith_fisher@..." <exsecy@...> wrote:
> Dear Anton
> It is difficult for me to comment on these matters, as I was not
> involved at the time, so I will limit my comments to the rules as 
> I see them applying to the extracts of the letters presented.
> It should be understood that Appendix B serves only one specific
> purpose, to outline the procedure for sending out voting material, 
> limit the actual material sent out, and to indicate the procedure for 
> collecting the votes received and transmitting the results to the 
> international headquarters.
> I believe the extracts presented are taken from a letter sent out by
> the Election Committee.  
> In the first extract, if the French Section sent out a letter with 
> the biographical data and voting papers they would certainly be in 
> breach of Rule 10(e) Appendix B, but I don't think this could be 
> classed as illegal, except in relation to the Rules and Regulations.  
> If the letter was sent out independently, even though it may be 
> deemed unethical, there is no international rule to restrict 
> correspondence within a section. 
> The other two extracts are only observations of what was seen to 
> be unethical and a suggestion to remedy the situation was given.  
> No rules are mentioned.
> Best wishes
> Keith

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