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Re: Theos-World Annie Besant

May 03, 2009 07:09 PM
by Cass Silva

My response to this
One can only admire her courage and commitment to the TS even though she would have preferred to remain the disciple of JK.  One wonders what path her life would have taken if JK had agreed to take her along as his disciple.  It seems after JK left the Society that Besant's faith  was shattered as she, rather than challenging the orthodoxy of Christianity, once again embraced and promoted a quasi christianity with its heirarchy of bishops and archbishops - its rituals and its an idea that was abhorrent to her in her earlier years.   From athiest to theosophist to quasi-ritualistic christianity in her non-condemnation of the LCC in Australia???


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Subject: Theos-World Annie Besant

See a documentary about Annie Besant at:

http://www.theosoph theosophist- annie-besant


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