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Re: Theos-World Re: new member message for old members

May 02, 2009 08:54 PM
by Cass Silva

My issue is that it is not about the final word but about
a sense of fair play and a sense of foul play.

HPB was the founder of Theosophy - anyone then who
calls themself a Theosophist is indebted to HPB.  

Anand continually rebukes her teachings and has now
brought in a christian thread and I believe is using the
group to further his own aims by continually placing
bullets in the gun and decrying foul play when someone
shoots the gun.  

In all honesty how can one accept Theosophy and not
accept HPB as its prime motivator.

If Anand feels no association with HPB why doesn't he
simply leave rather than stay in order to agitate.


From: Eldon B Tucker <>
Sent: Sunday, 3 May, 2009 8:21:12 AM
Subject: Theos-World Re: new member message for old members


This sounds like a good start to a humorous fantasy along the lines of Terry Pratchett. Sometimes writing about funny things can take the reader along lines of though that he or she wouldn't have ventured otherwise.

Of course, getting the last word means something difference in regard to a dispute. In a heated argument, someone has to stop responding at some point. They're giving up, but it could be for many different reasons.

They may have a weak position. They may have been worn down by the opponent and decided it's useless to continue reasoning with him or her. They may have decided it's time to move on, and not want to invest any more time and energy in a dispute that's going nowhere. They could be clearly right, obviously so to anyone following the dispute, but unable to make any headway in getting the other to consider their ideas. Or the dispute could have gotten out of hand and someone had to ask everyone to chill and move on.

Regardless of their reason for stopping, the fact that they've stopped doesn't mean that the person getting the last word has the winning position.

A better way to handle a dispute is where the two sides try to see each other's position and come to an understanding. They see where they agree with the other and where they don't see the same way. They end up with a peaceful understanding of the other even though one particular view doesn't end up on top. No one claims victory because of having silenced the other, because they end on a verbal handshake.

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> Eldon, 
> Thanks for your comments and reply. Hmmm, most interesting theorum on the "Last Word". In the beginning was the "Word", but who has propounded the Theorum of the "Last Word"? What will the "Last Word" be when the creation ends andall mouths are silenced??? Will it be a Word that was never heard before in the entire universes of creation? Maybe whatever that Word is will be so confounding that it will unmock the entirety of the contents of all the individual and collective conditioned minds everywhere in creation!!! And due to the sudden termination of the entirety of all sentience consciousnesses no retention of the Word wil be possible and no one in future Creations will have any memory of it! What a beautiful Plan! I hope this is the last Word lol! 
> Regards, 
> John 

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