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The Ugly Melon Monster and Theos-talk

May 02, 2009 02:43 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Theos-talk is very vauge in its formulations about what is allowed or not. ( )
Now today our moderator Eldon has added some "new" limites to our discussions.

- - -
The below views are my own and are NOT necessarily endorsed by Eldon or any other persons at this forum.

Here are some views of mine about being on a theosophical forum...
These views might reflect this place called Theos-talk and they might not...
My main idea is to be of service to you as Seekers after truth and the Wisdom teaching, which also is known as theosophical teachings.

An example:
A person arrives at a spiritual forum. Perhaps a theosophical one or similar. The person has some preconceived ideas about how a forum aught to be run, moderated, and where the limits are to what kind of communication that should be allowed at the forum. And who are allowed to be barked at, and who not. Whether bias in deabates are allowed or not. Whether there should be an entrance-fee or not. Whether is aught to be a closed forum or not, or a forum with photos of the members, a forum with blogs or not, a forum which allows surveys or not. And also how the moderator(s) of the forum aught to act or behave. Even what kind of haircut  and color they aught to have. And if they must have an Ph.D. or a title, or an astra-travel certificate, an open third eye seeing triple, and what branch such a person by all means should belong to, etc. etc.

A theosophical stance: A person cannot come "whirling" into a forum demanding that the moderation aught to be changed, and that his or hers ideas should be followed to the letter and that his or hers Wants and claimed Needs should be charmed in all possible ways.
The end result for such a person most often is, that either such a person leaves the forum after a short while - nearly always remembering to slam the door into the face of the members it especially think it disagrees with - OR - such a person stays - and adapts his or her behaviour within accordance to the allowed communication-model at such a particular place.

Each member at this forum has to a certain extend a different view than the other.
Yet within theosophical teachings - the Aim at this forum is that we are Seeking the truth about life and the wisdom teachings - the theosophical teachings.

We seek to document our views.
We are not in the habit of avoiding documenting our views at all costs, while we seek "bark" at another member at this forum. And if we start "barking", we aught to provide at least some documentation to back up our "barking" at another individual. If nothing is provided, the debates most be considered useless if the parties involved are in clear disagreement.
So I suggest, that we avoid useless "barking" at other inidividuals whether we believe they are dead or alive. 

Being a member at this forum should - theosophical speaking - not be a free ticket in promoting ones own books when they especially are directly in opposition to the truth and have proven to be so. And it aught not to be a free ticket in showing up at this forum while excpeting, that one is not being confronted with ones continous promotions of the bookssale of ones own books, which can be said to constitute an attack on the theosophical teachings as they were given by the founders of these same teachings.

When a person clearly have been confronted with proof on that he or she was wrong. The person aught to recognise such a proof. If this does'nt happen and the person continues to follow the same path of wrong behaviour - the forum can either accept - living with the individuals odd behaviour or moderate/sanction the persons behaviour in one way or the other.

A theosophical forum are by its nature promoting altruism, and are therefore having a clear tendency in allowing a certain space of freedom within discussions. The level of freedom allowed are decided by the Administration of the forum. Some members will inevitably disagree with such an Administration. A members of a forums theosophical administration aught to be Seekers after truth. If it is not so, it can hardly be called theosophical.

Now please tell me:
Is at least some of this making some sense?

Here is one of my favorite stories one more time...

In the Land of Fools - alias the "Ugly melon monster"

Once upon a time was a man who strayed from his
own country into the world known as the Land of Fools.
He soon saw a number of people flying in terror from a field
where they had been trying to reap wheat,. 'There is a monster
in that field,' they told him. He looked, and saw that it was a
He offered to kill the 'monster'for them. When he had
cut the melon from its stalk, he took a slice and began to eat it.
The people became even more terrified of him than they had
been of the melon. They drove him away with pitchforks,
crying, 'He will kill us, next, unless we get rid of him.'

It so happened that at another time another man also 
wandered into the Land of the Fools, and the same thing started to
happen to him. But, instead of offering to help them with the
'monster', he agreed with them that it must be dangerous, and
by tiptoeing away from it with them he gained their confidence.
he spent a long time with them, in their houses, until
he could teach them, little by little, the basic facts which
would enable them not only to lose their fears of melons, but
even cultivate the fruit themselves.


On "Watermelons".
One of our friends came up with this one.
It may give some background info on parts of where it all went wrong
with the "watermelons".


A "theosophical" farmer, (at least he himself thought that he was one), in the country
has a watermelon patch, and upon inspection he discovers that some of the local kids
have been helping themselves to a feast. The farmer thinks of ways to discourage this
profit-eating situation, and he puts up a sign that reads:
"WARNING! One of these watermelons contains cyanide poisen!"

He smiled smugly as he watched the kids run off the next night without eating any
of his melons. The farmer returned to the watermelon patch a week later to discover
that none of the watermelons have been eaten, but finds another sign that reads:

An ongoing rugrat joke:
No more forums, no more war on words?
No more disagreement, no learning through the Monitors lookingglass in Wonderland?
No more monitors more of "Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart."

M. Sufilight with a few rugrats carrying some Senzar X-file bags...

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