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new member message for old members

May 02, 2009 10:25 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

Here's the message that new subscribers get on theos-talk. It would be good
to keep it in mind during the discussions.

One thread that seems to be getting a bit too personal seems to have
originated in a message of Ananad's where he says that Reed Carson, Katinka
Hesselink, and Daniel Caldwell were "some of the individuals who did much
damage to Theosophical movement by their online activities." This is the
"will you shut up" thread.

I think it's time for the "will you shut up" thread to itself shut up.

Let's enact a cease fire on all sides where all the "you're a bad person
because you did ..." talk stops.

We can talk about the relative merits of Leadbeater, Crowley, Bailey, Wood,
Ballard, Hodgson, Barborak, etc. without picking still-living people on the
list being personally put under the microscope and dissected.

It would be good if we shifted our attention from the weakness in our
opponent's position, looking to strike yet another stunning blow, and
instead look for something interesting, creative, and unrelated to personal

There's an interesting short piece in the March 2009 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.
"Taming the Madness of Crowds" on page 16 talks about hooliganism, about
"the melees ant international soccer matches are infamous for the intensity
of violence . . . Social scientists who study hooligan chaso think they have
fonud a better way to keep the peace . . . Portuguese security adopted the
researcher' recommendation to institute low-profile, not-aggressive
tactits--the most visible of which was to leave the riot gear behindfor
police officers closest to fans . . . [It] did not alienate fans in the same
way that legions of police in riot gear do. Shows of force . . . tend to
antagonize crows, especially if police display favoritism, as in the case of
a 2001 match in Rome when the officers stood by while Italian fanatics
pelted Mancherster United aficionados with full plastic bottles."

There are many short pieces of new discoveries, ideas, or approaches that
appear in popular magazines. Anyone else come across something inseresting?

---- Message to new subscribers: ----

> Welcome.
> You are now a subscriber to the theos-talk theosophical mailing
> list.
> Initially, your membership to the mailing list is moderated. You
> can lurk and read messages as long as you want.
> When you are first ready to participate, we would like you to
> write an introductory message about yourself to the list.
> Shortly after that message and your first few regular postings to
> the list, you will likely be removed from moderation and free to
> post directly to the list.
> (The purpose of the initial moderation is to make sure that new
> subscribers wanting to post messages on the list introduce
> themselves and that their initial postings show they have some
> interest in theosophical discussions and are not solely
> interested in totally unrelated materials. We also want to
> insure that new participants are not solely out to rhetorically
> beat up everyone in sight because they hate the subject of
> Theosophy and want to lash out at anyone caring to explore it.)
> This is not intended to be a role playing site. It is expected
> that people posting to the list sign their emails or use the same
> penname consistently, regardless of the email address used in the
> posting. Pretending to be multiple different people is not
> allowed and cause for removal.
> Participants are expected to treat each other respectfully, even
> when strongly disagreeing on important ideas and issues.
> Materials posted should have some connection to the theosophical
> philosophy, or otherwise be of general interest to others on the
> list. Large volumes of materials that should really belong on
> lists dedicated to other topics should not be dumped on the list.
> There is no right answer to any particular question. But there
> is a right way to ask the question and other ways that can be so
> objectionable that uproar created upstages the discussion and
> only harm is caused.
> If you have any question about how things are running, or
> complaints to make about other list members, do so directly to
> the list owner: Don't post the
> complaints directly unless you are very sure that the other
> person will not be offended.
> Theosophy is a grand subject and it is a privilege to share a
> place with friends and other fellow students of its philosophy.
> Please help make sure this place is a welcome home for sincere
> and deep inquiry by everyone from all different backgrounds.
> Finally, note that any decision make by the listowner is final,
> and not subject to further debate. If a decision is made, for
> instance, that a particular tread of discussion has gone far
> enough and should end, you should move on to talking about other
> things.
> Thanks again for joining us and happy philosophizing!

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