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Re: a simple question

May 02, 2009 09:21 AM
by return_journey

I think the sense of a separate self is " naturally" acquired thru the evolutionary process. 
The full  'I' ness comes during the individualization process when the causal body is formed. The 'I' ness then keeps on increasing and is heightened with the increase in the mental body. In fact it is said that this sense of separate self /  'I' ness / ahamkara ... is required for the personality to develop ... after which the  journey back  to merging with  the individuality starts.

Becos of the aeons of time required for this process ..and repeated impacts stored in the permanent atoms of the lower self .. it becomes a natural thing in due course.
And this natural thing is what we have to fight and overcome   in our return  journey ...back to the Higher Self.

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> "Pedro Oliveira" <prmoliveira@> wrote:
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> > Is the sense of a separate self natural to the human consciousness or
> is it acquired through the evolutionary process?
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> Interesting question Pedro.
> 18,000,000 years ago in the middle of the Lemurian Race when the sexes
> split, could be when the sense of a separate self begins.  It would seem
> to be natural to human consciousness and part of the evolutionary
> process . . . and acquired through the evolutionary process.
> Importantly you say "sense of a separate self."  In another "sense" we
> never leave "home" and there is no journey.
> Tony
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