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Re: Theos-World Re: why didn't Blavatsky make so many mistakes? (as claimed without any evidence by Anand) why?

May 01, 2009 09:02 PM
by Leon Maurer

HPB opposed all "organized" religions that believed in a supernatural personal God-creator, not just Christianity.

Since Buddhism does not have such a God, why would she oppose it?

Also, if you continue to repeat your unfounded innuendoes (with leading questions) that "Blavatsky made so many mistakes", why don't you cite those alleged mistakes and prove why they might be wrong?

Also, when you accuse Daniel of incorrectness, why don't you quote what he said? Or, are you afraid someone might get wise to your continued attacks on anyone who considers Blavatsky as the valid teacher of theosophy, along with claims that she made mistakes -- as nothing more than soapbox blustering to promote the pseudo theosophist, Leadbeater as the only true theosophist?

Is it any wonder then, that some true theosophist who publishes or monitors a theosophical web site, might block the writings of or references to such a false prophet -- who violates all the tenets of the original Theosophical Movement itself (such as, not turning theosophy into an organized religion or not accepting any human being as a divine messianic figure to worship, not to mention changing the original teaching of cosmogenesis, and its formulas in the Book of Dzyan, etc., etc.)?


On May 1, 2009, at 5/1/091:36 PM, Anand wrote:

If Blavatsky was against Christianity, just because she did not like, then she should oppose all religions because there are big differences between some major ideas of all religions and Theosophy. That means Daniel's reasoning behind Blavatsky's attacks on Christianity is not correct.


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