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May 01, 2009 12:12 PM
by Govert Schuller

Dear MKR and all others concerned, 

For the sake of fairness and balance I will share my thoughts below on the health issue of PTS Radha Burnier. I lifted it from a longer e-mail in draft with my thoughts on all the different issues which are now in the open and have to be addressed from many angles by many critical thinkers. 

Burnier's health was and is still problematic, triple health certificates notwithstanding. The questions to be asked were: a) was it medically advisable for her to take on the PTS position for another 7 years in view of her age and her stroke? b) Is it possible that medical examiners were not aware of allegedly observed dysfunctions? Is it possible that those who reported the dysfunctions are now silent to not aggravate the already tense situation or fear repercusions? I wish they'd come forward, but in the absence of any proof that these observations were concocted with malice I have to defend their good faith in being concerned about the functioning of the TS. 

How they went about sharing these concerns about Radha's health have to be scrutinized and, if found wanting from a procedural perspective, that has to be balanced with their perception of the gravity of the situation with the possible conclusion that they should be accorded the moral and legal protection which comes with whistle-blower status. (The same logic would also be applicable in the case of the leaking of the reform-proposals and therefore Pedro Oliveira should be accorded similar status and protection. Ironically his leaking is of course also open to be interpreted as the outcome of a concerted plan to mount a counter-offensive against the reform-group with MKR and Mr. Fisher as point men. [And your denial will be interpreted as affirmation. Ah, let some healthy paranoia reign!]).

I'm sure that some members (like me) saw the health issue as an unfortunate additional reason to replace Radha, but to read into the facts as far as we know them a secret, concerted effort to get Algeo into office is stretching it a little too far, even borders on slander and therefore not helpful in bringing the issue to resolution. Where is the proof (and I mean actual documentary proof, not plausible deductions)? 

On the other hand, those who have problems with Radha's governing style, decisions and persona and like to have her replaced by someone more of their liking, they should have been more open and communicative with their perceptions. Some of us did (including myself in: The State of the TS (Adyar) in 2008: A Psycho-esoteric Interpretation). Others didn't and are now perceived as hiding behind the health issue or, even worse, engineering a coup. This could have been prevented by a more open opposition with openly discussed policy alternatives. Too bad we have not developed such political habits yet. It's high time. 

In short, Radha's health issue was important enough to have the membership informed about and all actions and non-actions should be evaluated in that light. But the issue should not have been used to indirectly express exisiting dissatisfaction with her leadership, though all actions and non-actions should be evaluated in the light of the absence of a more mature organizational culture in matters of internal policies and policy differences. In other words, if there is no genuine openness, politics go underground, where it festers, and when it comes above ground, it stinks and its malodour now suffuses most of the TS and it's hard to see what actions should be taken to clean it up. 

May we all pas our tests


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  Most members world-wide have High School education or less, not degree
  holders, not PhDs, not scholars. Hence this is an attempt to present the
  current critical situation in TS in very simple language so that everyone
  can clearly understand it.


  International President Election and Aftermath

  Who are the candidates: Radha Burnier & John Algeo

  How did they become candidates?

  Members of General Council nominated them.

  Who elects the President?

  Members world-wide.

  When and how the members knew about the candidates?

  Only when they received their ballots.

  Was there any information about the fitness of the candidates?

  Yes. Members in several countries received letters from their leaders that
  Radha Burnier is both mentally and physically sick.

  Why was this information sent to members?

  To influence members to defeat Radha Burnier.

  Was this health information true?

  No. It was not.

  How do you know that?

  Three independent medical doctors from two continents certified that she is
  fit, both mentally and physically. One of the doctors is the head of TS in a
  European Country and a long time dedicated theosophist.

  Did the leaders who distributed the early incorrect information to members,
  distribute the above objective correct information to members to correct the
  erroneous information?



  All they wanted was to defeat Radha Burnier.

  Why is correct information important?

  Prime object of TS is Brotherhood. Motto of TS is - There is No Religion
  Higher than Truth.

  Brothers and sisters should not be mislead by other brothers, especially the

  How does this affect TS and theosophy?

  Many members now have a very low level of trust in their leaders, especially
  outside India. This makes them impossible to effectively function as

  Who was elected in the election?

  Radha Burnier, with a wide margin.

  After the election did everyone acclaim her win and join her in working to
  help TS to broadcast theosophy?

  Not that we have seen.


  There were allegations that Indian Section did not conduct the voting

  How did the Indian Section respond to this?

  The section questioned the allegations and wanted proof.

  What was the reply?

  Silence from allegers.

  Did this end all election related issues?


  Why do you say this?

  Soon after the election, four members of the General Council made an attempt
  for GC to seize control of the election of the president.

  Tell me more about it. It gets interesting.

  An agenda item was sent to the GC to disenfranchise all the members
  world-wide and the president to be elected (appointed) by GC members. It was
  to be considered in December meeting, approved and quickly implemented. GC
  members now have the monopoly to nominate president candidates and this
  would have made them appoint the president, thus control the president.

  Looks like a very clever and smart move.

  How did members find out about it?

  Through Internet.

  Why through Internet?

  The move was super secret. It was so secret that even long-time members and
  workers at Olcott and other National and International Headquarters did not
  know about it. They all learnt about it from Internet. When this was
  discovered, it was publicized on Internet since Internet is outside the
  control of TS.

  What was the reaction of members?

  Shock and dismay. They could not believe what their leaders are upto.

  Why do they do it?

  Just to seize power through backdoor after their candidate was badly
  defeated in the election.

  Was this disenfranchisement approved in the GC meeting?

  No. It did not come up.

  How often GC meet?

  Once a year.

  How open are the GC meeting agenda and its proceedings?

  Super secret.

  Is TS a secret society?


  Why then is the secrecy?

  No body knows. Needs to ask our elected leaders.

  Does the secrecy help?

  Yes, surely. It helps the GC members to keep secret from the membership, the
  issues, deliberations, views and voting of individual GC members.

  Has any attempt been made by GC members to make the agenda and proceedings

  Not that we know of.

  Were any important matters transacted in the last meeting?

  Nothing other than appointment of VP and GC members.

  Anything significant about these appointments?

  Yes. There was a significant block of GC members who opposed all the
  appointments even though all the nominees are experienced, exceptional, long
  term dedicated, very knowledgeable highly regarded members.

  Do you know who were the members of this block?

  No. It should be the same members who wanted to defeat Radha Burnier.

  Is this kind of deep division in the GC voting normal?

  Not at all. Usually voting is unanimous.

  Why is the deep division important?

  It shows a determined group trying to oppose every nomination and possibly
  obstruct the administration.

  How does it affect TS and theosophy?

  This division can only hurt the work of TS and theosophy.


  Anything on Internet is like Akashic records. It is archived for ever.
  Anyone can search for them.

  How does the archived information affect TS and theosophy?

  Anyone newly interested theosophy and TS will find all the past info and
  would be confused and wonder what kind of things go on in the TS. Do leaders
  practice what they preach or there is a serious disconnect between the
  object of TS and the motto of TS and what they practice?

  Has any of the present, past leaders and scholars, theosophical writers,
  lecturers, aspiring chelas who have witnessed all of the above, have come
  out openly to improve the above situation?

  No. Almost all of them are standing silent in the sidelines.


  A $64,000 question. May be the fear of being marginalised by the elected

  If the present condition continues, what is likely to happen?

  Membership in India will continue to grow as it has been in the past.
  Membership outside India will be going down like it has happened in the
  past. We may even see Sections disappearing.

  What can an ordinary member do to help?

  Talk to other members and your leaders. Tell them about the serious
  situation. If need be, get new leaders who are committed to theosophy and TS
  and interested in unification.

  Is this document copyrighted?

  No. You can freely copy and distribute to anyone in any medium. When
  interests of TS and theosophy are involved, copyrighting is simply silly and

  M K Ramadoss

  There is No Religion Higher Than Truth

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