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Re: Daniel's confusion about true God

May 01, 2009 11:16 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

Some weeks back Daniel asked "Who is true God? Is he Bramha? Is he Vishnu, Is he Odin?"  If old Daniel Caldwell from Texas does not know who true God is, does it make any difference to true God?

Well, Anand, tell us who this "true God" is and then tell us
how you know this?

You seem to indicate in your writings that you know about this "true God" so please inform all of us here in this forum.

Dispel the confusion that you say exists.....

Is it Vishnu?  Is it Odin?  Is Marduk?  Is it El? And I could extend the list.

Consult for example the following work:

Dictionary of Ancient Deities 
by Patricia Turner and the late Charles Russell Coulter

This is a great work listing and giving information on hundreds of deities from various religions around the world.


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