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Re: Theos-World Individuals who did much damage to Theosophical movement

Apr 29, 2009 09:29 PM
by MKR

Here is a simple response to Anand's basic question.
I think those, in the last election,  who orchestrated and participated in
the nomination and electioneering and initiated subsequent allegations and
attempted to seize the presidency have caused more harm to TM since the time
of Coloumb Controversy. This is just my opinion. Your opinon may vary.

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 11:05 PM, Leon Maurer <> wrote:

> Below is a copy of my original posting that answered Amand's
> questions -- but that he still refuses to acknowledge by making
> counter attacks against all those true theosophists who have followed
> the original teachings of the founders of the TS (based on ALL the
> "real" ancient and modern Masters)... Without accepting the dogmas of
> others based on malicious ulterior motives to change the TM into a
> Christianized religion.and capture all the Christian members of the
> TS as their congregation.
> To blame the collapse of the TS or the failures of the TM on these
> true theosophists who are independent followers of the "real"
> theosophy (as known since Hermes, Pythagorus, Plato and the
> neoplatonists) given out by HPB, is as ridiculous, as its is
> malicious. The 3 objects of the TM or the 3 fundamental principles
> of theosophy do not depend on the integrity of or membership in any
> theosophical organization.
> Those actions by CWL and AB that distorted the true theosophy and
> made the TS a joke, was nothing but a calculated power play
> instigated by by self serving leaders who captured the society with
> their lies after the death of HPB and WQJ... And then was mimicked by
> Alice Bailey, who quit the TS to set up her own powerful (now
> infiltrated into the UN) Christianized "Arcane group" -- which is
> based, allegedly, on the invented teachings of the Chohan DK (whom
> HPB acknowledged was the teacher of the Masters KH and M). This is
> the same lying methods used by CWL and AB to justify their pseudo
> theosophical teachings and their introduction of JK as the "new
> messiah" (Similar to Bailey's and Creme's presentation of Maitreya as
> the living messiah or returning Christ)... All of whose
> contradictions, mystical fantasizing, and false metaphysics are
> obvious to any initiated adept (some of whom have been my
> collaborators on finding a modern scientific explanation of the true
> theosophical metaphysics).
> Is it any wonder then, why Krishnamurti rejected the distorted
> theosophy that CWL brainwashed him with?
> Anyone, today, who follows those pseudo theosophical teachers
> (Charles Leadbeater, Annie Besant and others) who have instigated or
> facilitated this religious dictatorship plot -- can be labeled as
> dupes of the Dugpas, Jesuits, and New World Order Christian fascists
> -- who's only goal is to take over the management of the global
> economy and enslave the worlds working population... While
> eliminating, by various nefarious methods (well documented) all those
> who are not useful to them as either wage-slave workers or media
> brainwashed consumers.
> I'll leave it to the good sense of the true theosophists among us to
> determine who is telling the truth about all this.
> Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Leon Maurer < <>>
> > Date: April 27, 2009 3:09:36 AM EDT
> > To: <>
> > Subject: Re: Theos-World Has anyone checked accuracy of Blavatky's
> > statements and references?
> >
> >
> > On Apr 24, 2009, at 4/24/097:26 PM, Anand wrote:
> >
> >> Blavatsky gives many references. Has anyone checked whether those
> >> references are correct or not? Has anyone shown contradictions?
> >
> > So far after studying and teaching, for more than 40 years, the
> > works of Blavatsky and the references she gave out, I have never
> > come across a reference that was quoted incorrectly, nor has anyone
> > ever shown evidence that any of blavatsky's teachings are
> > contradictory. In fact they accurately predicted all the findings
> > of modern physics since Einstein found E-mc^2 presaged in the SD...
> > And string theorists are just beginning to reach the same
> > conclusions about the nature of space and time that she clearly
> > presaged. See:
> >
> >
> > In fact, her metaphysics clearly agrees with all the great masters
> > of antiquity, from Hermes through Pythagorus, Plato and the later
> > Neoplatonists, Plotinus and Porphyry, up to the esoteric teachings
> > of the Buddha, and the original Upanishads and Puranas, as well as
> > the Book of the Golden Precepts -- which I studied under one of the
> > leading disciples of the Late Panchan Lama -- while comparing it
> > with the teachings in the Secret Doctrine.
> >
> > Interestingly, during this comparison, we noted that the reprints
> > of the SD, reedited by AB and sold by Quest Books, had removed all
> > the important original diacritical marks and typographic clues used
> > by Blavatsky -- which deletions subtly distorted the esoteric
> > teachings, and, consequently, did not conform with the ancient
> > masters, or the Book of the Golden Precepts that contained the same
> > cosmogenesis as the Book of Dzyan,. Also, some of these teachings
> > were modified by CWL in such a manner as to conform with his
> > Christianized theosophy needed to support his LCC religion -- that
> > had to also conform with the Christian Bible and the Catholic
> > theological dogmas concerning the heavenly powers and the divinity
> > of Jesus.. Thus its the teachings of CWL, AB and, later AAB, AB
> > that is totally contradictory to. the "real" theosophy , as it was
> > known to all the ancient masters of wisdom, and the masters who
> > taught Blavatsky
> >
> > Unfortunately, the enemies of the original teachings of theosophy
> > -- such as those later pseudo theosophists starting with AB, AAB,
> > CWL, CP, and many other Jesuit influenced teachers with false "New
> > World Order" doctrines, based on Christ oriented hierarchies --
> > have greatly distorted and lied about the teachings, and the
> > Masters, in order to fulfill their ultimate secret aims and
> > purposes -- which appears to be ultimately taking over control of
> > the world governments for the benefit of the former monarchists and
> > power brokers who currently manipulate the word economy to favor
> > their personal controlled enterprises -- based on greed for money,
> > power and world enslavement.
> >
> > Anyone who continues to follow these false teachers and their
> > attempt to denigrate the teachings of Blavatsky, are today the
> > stooges oif thses enemies of theosophy, and all of mankind that is
> > forced to live under their new world order "globalization."
> >
> > I hope this clears the air a bit and explains why the original
> > metaphysical teachings of Blavatsky, based on the ancient Book of
> > Dzyan, and its immutable formulas explaining cosmogenesis and
> > anthropogenesis, is the only theosophy there is, that conforms with
> > all the ancient masters, and which cannot be contradicted by phony
> > "Masters" and the personal power hungry stooges who invented them.
> >
> > LHM
> >
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