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EXCLUSIVE claims of many EXOTERIC Christians Message List

Apr 29, 2009 07:09 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Many Christians, many churches, and many denominations of
Christianity believe that ONLY Christianity is true and that ALL
OTHER religions including Hinduism and Theosophy are
FALSE and inventions of Satan. And many of them believe and teach
and do missionary work insisting that unless people believe these
teachings they are going to go to hell for eternity.

Many Christians believe that one must accept Christ as your lord and
savior and that you CANNOT be saved by any other means. If you are
Jewish and don't believe in the claims about Christ or if you follow
and accept Buddha or Krishna or some other god-man or divinity, etc.,
these kinds of Christians believe again you will NOT be saved and are
going to hell.

Of course such Christians do NOT believe in reincarnation and much
of what is taught as Theosophy whether it be by Blavatsky, Besant,
Leadbeater, Purucker, Judge or other Theosophical writers.

I wonder if Anand Gholap agrees with the views of these exoteric Christians as I have outlined them above?

It seems to me that a Theosophical student would have a much more
INCLUSIVE approach to religion and would read and study widely in all
the religions of the world, ancient and modern, east and west, north
and south. No one religion is superior to any other. 

See a list of various religions at 

<> .

All these religions are worthy of serious consideration and study.


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