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People switching Religions - Time for Theosophy to bring in those who are looking for a change

Apr 27, 2009 10:01 PM
by MKR

There is newsitem today dealing with a survey about followers switching
their faith. The details are at Survey: Half of U.S. adults have switched
religions: <>

This survey should be of great interest to all theosophists and especially
those elected leaders world-wide. What this survey indicates, is that a very
fertile field is there where Theosophy can step in and satisfy the inner
thirst of people, especially the young men and women.

In theos-talk and other cyberspace forums, since early last year, there were
intense discussions about various organizational matters, much of them do
not reflect well on the TS. Who is responsible for all this? Not the
members. Not those who are posting messages here. The responsibility lies
squarely on the elected leaders world-wide, especially outside India.

Like Akashic records, all the material in cyber space is archived and
indexed and kept for years to come. Anyone interested in theosophy can
Google to find out more about theosophy and TS. What they find would be very
confusing and contradictory, throwing deep doubt whether there is a wide gap
between what is preached by leaders and what is practiced. In such confusing
environment, who would be interested to get deeply involved in the

What we have seen since early last year has been organizational, procedural,
dictionarian hair splitting interpretation of the rules and procedures which
have nothing to do with theosophy. Many of us have pointed out that the
events since early last year has diminished the reputation of the leaders in
the minds of members and in turn by potential new comers to theosophy. Time
is running out, whether the leaders recognize it or not. Unless some
dramatic and bold steps are taken by the leaders to stop the bleeding, TS
will have a very steep hill to climb ahead to convince potential newbees.

One of the most wise decisions taken when the TS was launched, was to make
lodges and sections totally autonomous and bringing the International
President into picture only when there is a dispute or problem between
sections. So no one tells the section or the lodge what kind of activities
or projects to undertake, so long they are not in conflict with the
International rules, which are few and simple.

It is my humble opinion that each section has the unique choice of using its
ingenuity and take bold steps to bring back the vitality and vivacity of the
sections, without waiting for others to act. When a newbee sees the vitality
and vivacity of lodges and sections, half the sales job for theosophy is
already accomplished.

Let us hope and pray that the leaders wake up and act, and act quickly.


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