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Radha Burnier is doing well and working hard

Apr 27, 2009 09:02 PM
by MKR

I got some good news from a fellow theosophist in India. I am quoting some
relevant portions:

âRadhaji was here in Kolkata from the 3rd April to 8th April. She , on an
average, addressed three meetings everyday on the days of functions.

She went to the 2nd floor at one stretch and was faster than many members. I
, in fact , complimented her on this.

Her critics should know that within a short period she has gone to Rajkot in
Gujarat, in this severe heat, from the 23rd to 27th April.

Let all these critics come and be in the heat at Adyar and Kolkata for
sometime and then start criticising a person who has dedicated all her life
for the TS work.â

MKR: I have lived in India and the heat is very intense around this time of
the year, especially in Kolkata (used to be called Calcutta.) (Heat at Adyar
is much moderate, still intense, due to the trees there.) Airconditioning is
not easy to come by and you have to get used to the heat. Anyone who read
the early history of TS, will recall that one of the reasons that HPB &
Olcott travelled to Darjeeling in the North and Ooty in the South India
during Summers is to escape from the intense heat. We should be glad that
Radhaji who is 86 yrs old, is able to travel and lecture for the TS. We all
should pray for her good health so that TS can benefit from her leadership.


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