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Robert Bowen Mystery - "The Secret Doctrine and its study" pamphlet, etc.

Apr 21, 2009 02:03 PM
by danielhcaldwell

I am happy to announce the publication on our website of the following article titled:

"Robert Bowen mystery:  'The Secret Doctrine 
and Its Study' Pamphlet by Robert Bowen"

by Yvonne Burgess


This article deals with the Bowen pamphlet which can be found online at:

ALSO Yvonne Burgess is working on a booklet titled "Oneness and the Monad." This booklet of about 80 pages will be published probably sometime in June 2009 by the Theosophical Society in England (London).

More than half of the booklet will consist of quotes on the subject by HPB or those she approved of, the remaining pages being Yvonne's comments and suggestions or open queries.   She gathered these quotes from a wide range of HPB's writings and has categorised them.  

When this booklet is actually published, I will try to announce it in this forum.


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