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HPB, HSO and Judge turning in their graves?

Apr 20, 2009 09:22 PM
by MKR

In TS, like any organization, situations have arisen due to typical human
weakness yielding to temptations of sex and money. These instances have
affected members and leaders worldwide and usually their effects are local
and while they may have ended the theosophical careers, they did not affect
TS or the spread of theosophy. These episodes are not generally talked about
and one finds out about them when you inquire discretely some of the older

The events since early last year are directly linked and have adversely
affected the core values of the TS - Brotherhood and Truth. The effects are
world-wide. In normal worldly organizations, they would have resulted in
those involved being thrown out of the organization. TS is different and
that is why we are discussing calmly and logically.

I am sure HPB, HSO & Judge, wherever they are, are in tears and turning in
their graves watching what is going on in an organization they founded based
on Brotherhood and Truth. While there have been issues and problems in past,
events have never affected the TS so badly bringing down its reputation and
damaging the trust many members have in their leaders.

The recently disclosed GC meeting voting details in the election of VP and
GC members, seems to demonstrates the organized opposition by a group of GC
members who are hiding their votes behind the non-transparency of the
proceedings of the GC meeting. A comparison of some prior meeting minutes
will substantiate it for anyone who has any doubts about the above

We have also not seen any serious effort to address the most serious issue
many sections face. Declining membership and poor retention rate. One
wonders about the priorities of the GC members in their responsibility to
their members. These fundamental serious problems are not going to go away
by observing public silence.

Members should start thinking about them and start doing something about the
priorities without waiting for the leaders to bring focus on them.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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