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Where is TS heading?

Apr 19, 2009 05:23 PM
by MKR

Where is TS heading?

I started thinking about the pattern in the votes in the election of
candidates in the recent GC meeting. It is very eye opening. While we need
not focus on the individuals, here are the statistics of votes For and

L 16, 15
HJ 19, 14
RL 17, 16
HKS 17, 14
SP 20, 12

The numbers show that a block of GC members consistently voted against all
of the above candidates.

Looking at the past track record, nominations are made by the President with
greatest judgement and each one of them is a TS member with highest
integrity, has a long record of service to TS, and very knowledgeable in
matters of the TS. Anyone would be very glad that they have consented to
accept the nomination to serve TS.

The consistent patters shows that the block of GC members who voted against
each one of the above candidates, seems to be those who tried to defeat
Radha Burnier with the untruth that she is sick, mentally and physically,
even after there was incontrovertible independent evidence that she was
mentally and physically fit.

Even in bitter political situations in a democracy, we see the losing
party/group start cooperating with the winner to help move forward for the
well being of everyone in the democracy. TS situation is much more unique.
The leaders world-wide, lecture, write and preach brotherhood and
cooperation. But, actions speak louder than words.

General membership looking at the above event is perplexed. What is going
on? Are there two standards? One for preaching for the members and another
for action behind the closed doors? The non-transparency allows the national
leaders take advantage of the anonymity and conceal their important
decisions/actions from the members they represent. (To this day, no one has
come out and disclosed how they voted in the above nominations.) Anyone who
upholds highest values should be able to do in the open that they do behind
the closed doors.

To me it looks like there is more trouble cooking behind the silence and all
of us need to be very vigilant and alert so that the leaders who are
supposed to work for the TS does not hurt its future by actions such as the


There is no religion higher than truth

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