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Re: Theos-World Re: Move of TS to India and current status

Apr 19, 2009 01:35 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Yes. But, unique in what manner, if I friendly may ask?

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  Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Move of TS to India and current status

  Olcott's case is unique. He was the founder president and president for

  On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 2:55 AM, Morten Nymann Olesen <> wrote:

  > You have some good points there Anand.
  > But Olcott did not live in India in many decades. So I wonder what the
  > difference was?
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  > Subject: Theos-World Re: Move of TS to India and current status
  > India has largest membership because it is a country with 1.1 billion
  > population. India has second largest population in the world. You need to
  > consider percentage of members (number of members divided by population of
  > the country multiplied by 100) Percentage membership in India is not very
  > different from other countries.
  > But vast population in India means largest TS membership in India. That
  > means any person who wants to become President of TS must be able to win
  > substantial votes from Indian members. As foreigners (non-Indians) are not
  > going to live in India for decades, it will be difficult for them to become
  > popular among Indian members. It means maximum chances for becoming
  > President are for a person who lives in India and gains popularity in India.
  > Indians respect western people and are not against giving post to them. Most
  > powerful political leader in India for last many years is Sonia Gandhi. She
  > is Italian and yet Indians accept her as leader. Indians also accepted
  > foreigners like Olcott, Annie Besant, G.S. Arundale etc. Important thing to
  > be remember is these leaders lived in India and could earn respect from
  > Indian members. I think if any foreign leader has to earn respect and votes
  > among Indian members, he will have to live in India and work for Theosophy.
  > If foreign leaders are not willing to live in India for decades, then Indian
  > member who lives in India has maximum chances of becoming a President.
  > Also a foreigner who wants to earn respect among Indians must be
  > outstanding in his inner development. Olcott, AB, Arundale had exceptional
  > inner development and so they were elected by Indians. Indians are not going
  > to support foreigners just because he or she is foreigner. They will see
  > inner development.
  > That means a foreigner must have exceptional inner development and he must
  > live in India for many decades. Then he might gain votes from Indian members
  > and become President of TS.
  > Are there any people outside India who are exceptionally brilliant and are
  > willing to live in India for decades?
  > The above analysis explains dynamics of Presidential elections. Things will
  > work as explained above IF TS remains democratic in true sense.
  > Best
  > Anand Gholap
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  > <mkr777@...> wrote:
  > >
  > > HPB was sent to the USA to find HSO and launch the TS in New York. HPB
  > > clearly stated that she was following the orders from the Lodge and the
  > two
  > > Brothers from Tibet. Both were then ordered to go to India. India was
  > > unknown to HSO and the future prospects were totally unknown. They left
  > for
  > > India because of their total trust and confidence in the wisdom of the
  > > Brothers. The life and travel in India was very difficult for someone who
  > > grew up in the West.
  > >
  > > HPB knew USA was the cradle of the next Root Race and was aware of the
  > great
  > > future progress of the Humanity lies in the USA. But, anyone who did not
  > > have an inkling of the wisdom of the Brothers would have thought that HPB
  > > and HSO were foolish to go India with unknown future.
  > >
  > > After transplanting TS in India and establishing the world headquarters
  > in
  > > Adyar, TS grew world-wide. The growth was rapid during the years when
  > Annie
  > > Besant was the President and the World Teacher project was progressing.
  > >
  > > After the Jiddu KrishnamurtiÃââs announcement of his Truth is a Pathless
  > Land
  > > message, the membership world-wide took a hit. But the basic foundation
  > that
  > > developed till then, continued to remain strong as ever even thought the
  > > membership numbers did not reflect the inherent strength. Many may
  > dispute
  > > this. There is no objective way to measure the strength. One indication
  > that
  > > is worth noting is that even today, world-wide, there are numerous TS
  > > members who study KrishnajiÃââs lectures and watch the videos.
  > >
  > > The issue of relevance of India to TS relative to the rest of the world
  > has
  > > come into sharp focus in the recent election. Membership in India has
  > shown
  > > steady growth from year to year during the last several decades. On the
  > > other hand, in most of the countries outside India, it has been stagnant
  > or
  > > on a downward slide. Of course those who find excuses for everything will
  > > argue the issue of quantity vs quality. There is no proof to substantiate
  > > this.
  > >
  > > Currently the membership in India is the largest. I think this fact is a
  > > significant evidence of the wisdom of the Brothers in their decision to
  > move
  > > the TS to India. A significant result of this fact is that anyone who
  > > aspires to lead the TS in the future has to have substantial support from
  > > the members in India. Without substantial support from members in India,
  > no
  > > candidate can get elected. The numerical strength of members in India is
  > > also a bulwark against any future administrationÃââs attempt to belittle
  > Adyar
  > > as a token site of TS.
  > >
  > > It is pitiful to watch the events since the start of the election last
  > year.
  > > Presenting untruthful health information about Radha Burnier to members
  > > outside India with the simple objective of defeating the sitting
  > president
  > > is unprecedented in the TS history. Also the unsubstantiated attempt to
  > > allege procedural errors in voting in India enraged most membership in
  > > India, which will make the motivation of any candidate from outside India
  > > highly suspect in the minds of members for a long time to come.
  > Compounding
  > > all of the above was the attempted coup to seize the presidency by
  > > disenfranchising membership world-wide and control appointment of future
  > > presidents by a handful of GC members.
  > >
  > > The overwhelming membership in India and the role played by Internet in
  > > demolishing the untruthful information and the distribution of the coup
  > > discovery prevented a fatal blow to the TS.
  > >
  > > I think that all of the above are an indication of the foresight of the
  > > Brothers and some may poo-poo the whole idea.
  > >
  > > MKR
  > >
  > > There is no religion higher than truth
  > >
  > >
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