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TS in today's world

Apr 17, 2009 09:33 AM
by MKR

Recently I heard some members suggesting that in todayâs Internet world, the
current TS organizational structure is not appropriate and we can do away
with it and replace it with cyberspace based organization. As with any
ideas, no one knows what will work and what will not. So it is worthwhile to
give it a try and see if it works.

With Internet, it is easy for a single individual to launch a cyber space
enterprise and succeed. That is how many of the applications have taken off.
Why not theosophy be broadcast using such an approach.

One of the issues that is intertwined with the present TS is that
world-wide, it owns a lot of real estate and many of which are very
valuable. So anyone who advocates Internet theosophy enterprise, need to do
it on their own without trying to tap into any of these resources. Of
course, if an attractive cyberspace theosophical alternative is available,
many formal members of TS would eagerly participate; however whether they
will abandon the existing TS is a $64,000 question.


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