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Transparency - Update

Apr 16, 2009 02:16 PM
by MKR

A little while ago when I was browsing the news items on Internet, I saw a
report that the US Government is going to release some classified memos and
the president mentions about his strong belief in transparency and
withholding the memos would only serve to deny facts that have been in
public domain and it could contribute to an inaccurate accounting of the
past and fuel erroneous and inflammatory assumptions about actions taken by
the US.

Some of the above can be relevant to TS. In the light of the events starting
with the election nomination, I have posted messages on the issue of
transparency. Specifically, I pointed out Master KHâs warning in 1900 about
unnecessary secrecy dealing death blow to organizations. By the way, but for
the initiative of the Master, we would not have TS and the benefit of
theosophy, which has changed lives of thousands of people over the years
around the globe.

It is a pity that the lack of transparency has helped many leaders to
present dual faces; one based on actions in public and the other their
activities behind the scenes and in great secrecy. The culmination of this
dual aspect reached its low point when in greatest secrecy a handful of
members of GC moved to disenfranchise all of us and seize the appointment
(euphemistically called election) of president.

Due to the good luck of TS and its members, this coup attempt was discovered
in time and with the help of Internet, members world-wide learnt about it
and this killed it for the time being.

I am sure that there are some campers very unhappy that the scheme was found
out. Even with this, the move has not been withdrawn and probably they are
still salivating at a possible future opportunity. Let us all be beware.

Since the above events, in spite of several members feeling that
transparency is needed to prevent any future catastrophe, we have not seen
any steps from the leaders around the world to improve transparency. So it
is your and my duty to be very vigilant since we do not know what other
scheme is in the works and many of us do not know whom to trust any more.


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