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Re: Questions for Keith - straight to the point I hope

Apr 10, 2009 00:17 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Keith,

In regard to the Vice-President's election there seems to exist three important questions, namely: (1) Nomination of the new Vice-President while the old one was still in office (he has not resigned, he has not been removed), (2) Use of `unusual procedure of a postal ballot' for the confirmation of the new Vice-President from the part of the members of the General Council and alleged `irregularities', and (3) Unclear status of the General Council members from South Africa, Colombia and Greece. 

(1) As already said there are in the TS Rules and Regulations two relevant stipulations concerning this issue. Rule 11(a): 

Within three months of assuming office the President shall nominate the Vice-President subject to confirmation by the General Council. His term of office shall be at the discretion of the President ?; 

and Rule 3: 

It shall be competent for the General Council to remove any of its members, or any officer of the Society ? by a three-fourths majority of its whole number of members. 

You already made a comment that:

Rule 3 is an expulsion rule and would only be used to remove an Officer or Additional Member if they had committed an offence or misdemeanour. This did not apply to the Vice-President in office. A new Vice-President was nominated in accordance with Rule 11(a) ?

I am afraid that according to such interpretation the Vice-President who commits an offence or misdemeanor has far more rights then a regular Vice-President who can be, at the discretion of the President, taken from the office without any proceedings of the governing body of the TS. 

Maybe, dealing with the "political" (in a sense of the management of public affairs) aspects of the President's decision and the situation after the elections would bring us nearer to the truth.

Would you like to make any additional comment?

Warmest regards,

--- In, "keith_fisher@..." <exsecy@...> wrote:
> Dear Anton

> Please continue with your questions, the more we can bring out the
> truth, the quicker the TS can return to the more important work it 
> should be doing.  The untruths and misunderstandings are sapping
> the vitality out of our wonderful society, if we can not be spiritual,
> we can at least be kind. 
> Best wishes
> Keith

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