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A Birdâs Eyeview of TS Today

Apr 04, 2009 06:21 PM
by MKR

A Birdâs Eyeview of TS Today

Here is a birdâs eyeview of TS today from the perspective of an ordinary
member who has not held any position in the administration nor plans to hold
any position in the future.  Hence, my bias is that of an ordinary member.

What sets TS apart from most religious, philosophical, and  spiritual
organizations is its autonomous nature from top to bottom. The basic object
is Brotherhood and this was  repeatedly impressed on A P Sinnett by the
Brothers who are the real Founders of the movement. Look at the last line at
the end of the Secret Doctrine, the magnum opus of HPB. You find the motto
of TS â There is No Religion Higher Than Truth. The birdâs eye view should
keep these two in focus.

We are living in Kali Yuga. Probably at its lowest. There are continuing
wars, natural disasters, economic turmoil, and widespread hardship and
suffering world-wide. TS is also caught in the cycle of difficulties and

Look at the recent events. An election where well-known workers and leaders
tried to defeat the sitting president by trying to misinform members that
the president is sick mentally and physically. This misinformation was not
corrected even after incontrovertible evidence was available that the
president is fit â mentally and physically.

Then came from the defeated candidateâs camp, the unsubstantiated and
unproven allegations against the largest Section, hurting its members.
Mental hurt is long lasting and is not easily forgotten.

Next came the real bombshell. An ultra secret coup attempt was launched by a
few âleadersâ to change the rules and  disenfranchise members world-wide and
seize the nomination and appointment of president by a small group of
members. Thanks to Internet and luck of TS. It was discovered timely and
broadcast to members world-wide. In spite of world-wide shock, dismay and
opposition to the disenfranchisement, the proponents did not back down and
apologize to members for the grave error. May be they are still salivating,
waiting for a future opportunity.

Looking at the above events, it is clear that they have damaged all around.
Reputation and Image of TS has been damaged. Trust members had in their
leaders has been damaged. No one â those in the forefront and those active
behind the scenes â has come out smelling like a Rose. You can decide how
they have come out smelling. In the Internet age, all the details are in the
public archives for the posterity to see and they have made it even to wiki.

Very clever nit picky arguments may go on for ever about the nitty gritty of
the rules and regulations. They are not going to restore the trust in the
leaders and the high reputation of TS.

The situation is urgent. Needs quick action. Is anyone recognizing the
severity of the situation? No amount of behind the scenes intrigue and
tricks can help. Need creative and constructive ideas to restore trust. Have
we seen any so far?

Let us all put together our creativity and come up with ideas and help the
current situation.



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