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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar - The Truth Unveiled

Apr 02, 2009 02:20 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Morten, would you like it if some of your faults would be discussed endlessly for decades by many Theosophists around the world? I don't believe you would.

I think it is not at all a theosophical attitude to talk always about Leadbeater's faults. I and many others on this forum are tired to hear this, may I dare say preaching all the time. You Morten started to sing this same song even when Keith Fisher offers himself to talk about purely administrative matters of the TS Adyar.

CWL surely had his faults, but I am assured that he wanted to help the humanity. Many of his teachings are inspiring. I also recommend his books to newbies, of course mentioning in the same time that Madame Blavatsky is more profound.

You Morten are right that we should know the theosophical history and also the faults of theosophical teachers. I appreciate your investigating attitude and your knowledge, but I really think we should remember also the good deeds of these people.

I have read many of your previous posts here. You seem to have been Baileyan earlier. Now you are very Blavatskian, too orthodox, I think. We should remember that Theosophy is not a religion nor a cult. Geoffrey Farting used to say that "No, we should not go back to Blavatsky, but go forward with Blavatsky!"
One obvious reason why CWL is pulished by the TS Adyar is that he belonged to the TS Adyar. Very simple. There doesn't have to be a hidden agenda. I think Katinka answered to your questions pretty well.

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