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Re: TS Adyar ? The Truth Unveiled

Apr 02, 2009 01:49 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Hi Keith. I'm sorry for placing you in a box. I just took you out of it :). It is true that I know Radha as badly as I know you. Just have seen her a couple of times.

Thank you a lot. We all appreciate your clear, honest and valuable answers. I let other people here ask more. Anton had an excellent post.

I still ponder what was the legal deadline date. In my opinion, postings until June 28 are very late. In Finland the presidential vote ended already on May 30. The results were announced at Adyar on July 1. Also I think the Election Committee should have informed other Sections about the extra time that the Indian Section got, even if the Indians didn't use the extension. Lack of information causes rumours. 

Yes, I meant participating of non-members of the General Council. I understand that the President has the right to choose these outsider participants.

General Secretaries Betty Bland and Warwick Keys owe an explanation.

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