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Re: Theos-World Re: Why does Daniel Caldwell worship false god H.P. Blavatsky?

Apr 01, 2009 07:40 PM
by adelasie

For the record, although this post was not directed to me, may I 
point out that Theosophy is not exclusive? Theosophy includes all 
spiritual study. Theosophy tells us that from time to time another 
dimension of the hidden wisdom that represents the evolution of 
consciousness of humanity is revealed, and that is the "lesson" for 
that era of humanity. It is all the same Truth. It all comes from the 
same Source. Great teachers, such as Buddha, Krisha, Jesus, and HPB, 
among many others, many of whom are historically unknown in this 
cycle, are simply those who have earned the opportunity to bring the 
message to their brothers and sisters. Usually they are met with 
difficult times, at least in Kali Yuga, but that is attributable to 
the fact that Kali Yuga is an age that celebrates materialism. It's 
difficult for spiritual truth to survive its interpretation as a 
material phenomenon. Organized religion in general distorts and 
ultimately destroys the kernal of Truth in its attempt to codify and 
control the message of freedom, self-responsibility, tolerance, 
karma, the Unity of All Life. But this failure of the priestcrafters 
does not negate the Truth of the original message, which is always 
the same, just amplified as humanity evolves to readiness for another 
dimension of the Eternal Truth. There is really no need to criticize 
or find fault with whatever interpretation of Truth a person may feel 
inspired by. How blessed it is to find people who admit to another 
dimension in life beyond the mundane material. Why try to tear down 
another's bliss? Find your own and live there, deriving the lessons 
that are yours alone to learn. Allow others the same right.


On 1 Apr 2009 at 17:08, Anand wrote:

Daniel, from experience I know you avoid answering questions that 
challenge your beliefs and logic. You have done the same today by 
telling your knee is paining.
"There are millions of testimonies from people about how Jesus 
changed their lives in positive direction in so many ways. People 
reported miracles of all kinds which Lord Jesus made in their lives. 
These testimonies have come, in all centuries, including this, from 
tens of thousands of people.
What are testimonies about Blavatsky? What we see is Blavatsky's 
writing created fanatics who are are busy attacking other occultists, 
including Lord Jesus himself.
As these are facts, I ask why do you promote Blavatsky's teaching 
instead of Jesus' teaching."

Anand Gholap



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