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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar - The Truth Unveiled

Mar 31, 2009 04:42 PM
by MKR

Anand, much more than what you have stated. Theosophical leaders, while they
are known to extensively use Internet for their behind the scenes activities
and maneuvers, take on the osterich attitude when it comes to discussion on
online forums. This behaviour trickles down to others as well to many who
want to use the TS platform to lecture and write, because they want to be in
the good books of the leadership, otherwise they will be marginalized.
Internet is going to run over them as we have already seen during the
electioneering activities and subsequent secret attempt to take the mojo out
of the members.


On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 4:43 PM, Anand <> wrote:

>   --- In <>,
> "Govert Schuller" <schuller@...> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Morten,
> >
> > (Tongue-in-cheeck, ok?)
> >
> > I do see the relevance of your questions from your anti-Adyar pov, but,
> please do not scare Mr. Fisher away with HPB-fundamentalist questions that
> have no bearing on the issues which he volunteers to cover, which are, in
> his words, the "untruthful, inaccurate statements posted on the TS American
> website, regarding Adyar and the General Council Meeting in December,
> including the venomous, destructive statements emanating from New Zealand."
> >
> > I propose to let MKR take the lead. Anyone seconding?
> >
> > Best
> >
> > Govert
> I second. I know Blavatky-fundamentalists turn off most of the participants
> here and that is one reason why most officers in Adyar TS don't participate
> in online forums.
> One quality I like in Radha Burnier is she promptly shows door to
> Blavatsky-fanatics. Even John Algeo and many in TSA succumb to pressure from
> Blavatskians from ULT, Pasadena TS.
> Iron lady Radha Burnier does not bend under their pressure.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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