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Re: TS Adyar ? The Truth Unveiled

Mar 31, 2009 12:07 PM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Thank you, Keith. I am sure that many of us have questions to you.

Well, Keith, you must still be a part of "Radha's and Linda's group" (so to call), because they invited you to Adyar to work as International Secretary. I wish you will speak "the truth unveiled". The problem in these "truths" has been that they have often been one-sided views.

I don't think that it was a surprise that the previous International Secretary resigned if we consider the events during the presidential election. However, maybe the resignation time was a surprise.

If I may ask, I would start with these questions:

1)Who is the new International Secretary of the TS Adyar if not you anymore?

2) What is the truth on the claimed Indian Section's illegal extension of its voting deadline during the last presidential election?

3) What were the criteria that determined who were allowed and who were not to participate in the last General Council meeting at Adyar in the end of 2008?

Thank you.

Sampsa from Finland

--- In, "keith_fisher@..." <exsecy@...> wrote:
> Dear Friends
> I returned from the Theosophical Society in Adyar on 
> 1 March 2009 after serving a six months term as the 
> International Secretary.  A critical situation arose in 
> August last year on the surprise resignation of the 
> Secretary, and I was asked to drop my life to take up the 
> position for a short length of time.  I agreed to do a six
> month term and was appointed on 1 September 2008.
> Since returning home I have had time to read the untruthful,
> inaccurate statements posted on the TS American website,
> regarding Adyar and the General Council Meeting in December,
> including the venomous, destructive statements emanating
> from New Zealand.  
> This disgraceful situation needs addressing, as many TS members
> naturally place trust in their elected section leaders.  
> I now find myself in the unique position of knowing the truth
> of these matters while holding no official position in the 
> Theosophical Society, except that I am an Australian member.
> I would therefore, like to offer my services to members of the
> group who would like to know the truth.  I do not wish to enter
> into lengthy dialogue, but I am willing to answer any sensible
> questions, truthfully, and to the best of my ability.
> Best wishes
> Keith Fisher

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