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Re: Theos-World Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful message........

Mar 30, 2009 06:08 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Cass, why not a teacher in India?
Is the weather to bad there?
Is not the Dalai Lama a teacher?

I have heard that HPB always said that each country has two adepts.
So India should have two teachers, don't she have?


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From: Cass Silva
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 1:48 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful 

As I follow Augustines rule on becoming a cheal - "make me a good boy but 
not yet - it really
matters little to me what happens in India as it would be the last place one 
would hope to
find a teacher


From: MKR <>
Sent: Monday, 30 March, 2009 2:58:55 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful 

Thanks for quick detailed background. Our object should be there should be
no repeat of the saga any where else in the world.

In 1900, when Master KH stated that unnecessary secrecy having dealt
deathblow to many organizations, I think He was speaking about a Natural

Over the years, no one in the leadership paid any attention to this
statement until we saw last yearâs electioneering and the subsequent ultra
secret attempt to disenfranchise membership world-wide so that a handful of
members can seize control of the presidency. This would have been a fait
accompli but for the Internet and theos-talk and Antonâs website which
provided easy navigation of messages.

I have posted several msgs on the urgent need for total transparency at all
levels. While we have seen bits and pieces of transparency, we are yet to
see any of the leaders coming out openly and pushing for it. Opaqueness
helps to keep all the behind the scenes maneuverings under the cloak of
secrecy since what some of the leaders doing may be more in their self
interests than that of the membership even though the public mask they wear
try to represent they are working for the good of the organization and the

Take for example recent instances of tie in voting in which tie had to be
broken by the president and to this day we do not know who is on which side.
Ties are totally unprecedented in TS history.

The line up details of the two camps may reveal more about the real motives
and reasons than what may be publicly represented. I do not know even in the
last meeting tie, where I am sure there were many proxies used, some of
those who gave proxies might have regretted when they saw the voting

It is high time that members should press for total transparency which will
protect unwise decisions driven by reasons other than the popularizing
theosophy and advancing the mission of TS.

Regarding the issue of one getting closer to the Masters when you are in ES
or LCC or Comasonry, when a newbee or a prospective member sees all that
happened last year one will find it impossible to reconcile. The motto of TS
is There is No Religion Higher Than Truth and the main Object is
Brotherhood. All the events that took place are in conflict with them.

Also, there are many leaders who I suppose belong the above organizations
for a long time and perhaps meditate daily and aspire to become chelas.
While in their public mask they may look like sages, when they witnessed the
last yearâs events, not a single one of them had the courage to call a spade
a spade in public.


There is No Religion Higher Than Truth

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On 3/29/09, robert_b_macd <robert.b.macdonald@> wrote:
> In Volume XII, no. 2, of Fohat, Ernest Pelletier detailed the expulsion
> of TS in Canada from the Adyar Society. From a copy of the minutes and 
> from
> reports from inside the meeting, Mr. Pelletier was able to attest that:
> "Some of the members of the General Council of the Theosophical Society 
> who
> met on January 1st, 1992 held a number of proxies for various national
> Societies. Following the expulsion of TS in Canada, individuals across the
> country were contacted by international friends who expressed their regret
> at having granted a proxy on their behalf which thereby allowed a handful 
> of
> Council members to vote to "dissociate" Canada. Bill Johnstone, then 
> General
> Secretary in New Zealand, was one of the first of these to telephone and
> express his distress regarding the situation."
> Elsewhere in the article detailing the events running up to the expulsion,
> Mr. Pelletier writes:
> "Members of Edmonton TS have always strived to associate with any and all
> theosophical organizations. . . One member of ETS . . . was also a member 
> of
> the ES in the capacity of recording secretary. He encouraged my wife and 
> me
> to arrange to spend time at Camp Indralaya on Orcas Island to get 
> acquainted
> with Canadian and American theosophists in the west who meet there in the
> summer. During our second sojourn (1984) we were invited to visit Joan and
> Hank van Busekom at their residence. Hank was a bishop in the Liberal
> Catholic Church. Dorothy Abbenhouse, who resided on the Island with 
> husband
> John; Virginia Hanson and Joy Mills, guest lecturers at Indralaya (from
> Ojai, CA); and other ES members were also present. It became clear that 
> this
> was a recruitment effort where we were encouraged to join the LCC and ES. 
> It
> was explained to us how being an ES'er brought one closer to the Masters 
> and
> that it was from among the ES ranks that someone would be chosen as a
> vehicle should a Master require one in the outside world. The invitation 
> was
> declined.
> The writer holds that as my wife and I were active members of Edmonton TS,
> my direct involvement with the national organization, TS in Canada, was
> perhaps anticipated. [ The writer was in fact on the Board of Directors of 
> TS
> in Canada from 1989 to 1995.] An ES member in such a capacity could
> potentially provide a source of influence for Adyar in the affairs of TS 
> in
> Canada as all ES members take an oath of allegiance to the Outer Head to
> whom they owe their primary obedience. Rejection of this overture extended
> by prominent officials of the Liberal Catholic Church and the Esoteric
> Section was likely disappointing.
> Then in 1985 ETS initiated its republishing program. Rare articles,
> pamphlets and books that Adyar had sought to destroy over the years were
> copied and distributed around the globe. This caught the attention of the
> International Society. Further, in 1987 it was arranged for Rex Dutta, an
> ex-member of both Adyar and the ES, to lecture in various cities across
> western Canada. Joy Mills, who had previously turned down a number of
> invitations, quite unexpectedly offered to tour western Canada slightly in
> advance of Dutta's scheduled visit. Dutta was not overly well received in
> one center in particular as a result of the negativity instilled just a 
> few
> weeks prior to his arrival. While in Edmonton she also stressed the 
> futility
> of rekindling the fires of old historical controversies and recommended 
> the
> republishing program be shut down. Edmonton TS has the impression that its
> various undertakings were part of, if not one of the main reasons behind
> Adyar's expulsion of TS in Canada."
> The point was that TS in Canada had always had an independent voice, and
> the last thing that certain members of the International Society wanted 
> was
> that voice to interfere with future plans, I would suspect. I doubt that
> Radha was in the loop on this, although she did nothing to stop it, but
> rather accepted the weak excuses offered by fellow board members, 
> especially
> members of TS in America. As is well known, TS in Canada was not the only
> Section to be expelled, there has been a pruning going on for some time. A
> strong president in Adyar could still be a threat to the LCC and to ES
> power. No doubt, there has been an effort for some time to put one of 
> theirs
> in power. This is probably what we saw during the last election.
> The fact is politics is being played within the TS Adyar, and has been for
> a long time. Members have been asleep assuming that all is well from their
> leaders. There have been injustices that have been allowed to go
> unchallenged. Why would anyone believe that there is anything left in the
> Adyar Society worth saving? The Masters left Adyar with the expulsion of
> Blavatsky. Any semblance of truth left with the death of Olcott.
> Bruce
> --- In theos-talk@yahoogro <theos-talk% 40yahoogroups. com>, MKR
> <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >
> > Can you please elaborate the circumstances of the excommn? It is also
> > interesting that the same individuals had a role in trying to defeat
> Radha.
> > Any info is welcome.
> >
> > I still feel that much of the problems is due to the continued extreme
> > secrecy of operations (Master KH warned in his 1900 letter) behind the
> > scenes and as you are aware, a small group came very close to seizing
> > control of the president by secretly disenfranchising the members
> world-wide
> > and but for its disclosure in Internet and world-wide outrage from
> members,
> > we would have seen the beginning of the end of the TS in this
> incarnation.
> > What was also most shocking is that none of the so called leaders who
> write,
> > lecture and discuss about Truth, honesty etc., and perhaps meditate 
> > every
> > day and aim at becoming chelas, came out and called the spade a spade.
> >
> > MKR
> >
> > On 3/29/09, robert_b_macd <robert.b.macdonald @...> wrote:
> >
> > I do not belong to the Adyar Society anymore. I was part of an entire
> > Section that was excommunicated on the whim of one or two Adyar 
> > officials
> in
> > possession of proxies from many countries which they dishonestly used to
> > achieve their own political ends. Bravo to these wise stewards of
> Theosophy.
> >
> >
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