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Re: Theos-World How much one can trust the TS leaders?

Mar 30, 2009 02:53 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Frank, my German is very poor

ok John, than you cannot read it, very sad.

>I do follow the German participation in the Eu Space Programs via my
>subscription to "Space Dailey Express", "Space Flight Now", "Space
>Weather", and "Space War" online. I get regular Bulletins of news worthy
>Space Items which keep me some what appraised of happenings.

ok, but that is not my topic. I am speaking of the old German program of the
1930'ies (which scheduled to bring a man to the moon until 1963), which is
quite different from that was is around here today.
The "German" program of today is in fact not much German as you may know, as
the EU and NATo are controlled by Washington, D.C.

>I was, when I was young, trained in Guided Missile Ordnance at Redstone
>Arsenal when Werner Von Braun was there.

ok. Have you information about von Braun's suddenly step-down in 1972 from
all NASA positions? And what about the testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin from
Rocketdime, who claims that von Braun told her about balck projects, secret
high technology and a big conspiracy of NASA to enslave the world as she
reported in 2001 at the Disclosure Project press conference?
How is it that von Braun knew about the machinations of secret societies?

>His former boss of Peenemunde Gen. Walter Dornberger was also in the US and
>later became CEO of Bell Laboratory a very significant Corporation back
>then. I well remember Dr. Sangers "Antipodal Bomber" design which very
>impressed me when it was featured in Colliers Magazine back in the very
>early 1950's I think.

Friedirhc Georg shows in his book a classified US document about the
Antipodal bomber with exact datas etc. This early version was later replaced
by a censored version, which you can find today in US archives, but without
datas. There must be a reason to hide this information. The only logic
explanation is to hide from public the fact about the high level of Sanger's
research in 1938, which is not reached as yet by any nations (so far it is

>I was a "Lets go to the Moon and Mars!" kid at a very early age.

Really!? Me, too!! I liked the Jetson family and Perry Rhodan very much.

>Dr. Herman Oberth's books early when I was young.

Oberth believed in theosophy, karma and reincarnation, he can be named a
theosophist in the definition of HPB, whether he was or was not a member of
a TS (which cannot researched, as the officials allow no check of their
member books).

Have you any information about the Operation Glocke (time machine project at 
University of KÃnigsberg).
As KÃnigsberg is occupied by Russia, search in Russian archives may be of 

A 39 pages manuscript of his planned book "Vehicles of life. A series on the
soul, Theosophy and Occultism. It was never published.
Since a year or so it is announced for sale by a second-hand book shop for
7,800 Euros, look here:

As it is may goal to save and preserve all available theosophical documents
in the German language (Germany has had 60 theosophical magazines in the
closer sense) and as theosophy was around 1930 entering universities (the
first Chair of Theosophy - sic!- was scheduled by the University of Leipzig
of which I have first hand oral information by the initiator), I am looking
for A SPONSOR to buy the Oberth mansucript.

Perhaps you know someone!? My humble archives is a low budget enterprise and
organized theosophists here are not interested in books and archives. They
rather like to chat about curious doctrines.

I think that von Braun was also interested in theosophy.

>There is a proposed design called "The Wave Rider" that can morph it's
>shape to accomadate conditions search Duncan Lunan, He is the Astronomer in
>England who transmitted the Radio Telescope Communication instructions to
>thje Alien Orbital Probe that was required to initialize the Transformation
>at the gate of the Sun -- Tiahuanaco in 1977.

interesting, I'll consider it.

Best wishes from the dark side of the moon


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