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Theos-World Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful message........

Mar 30, 2009 12:24 PM
by Anand

Thanks all for sharing their thoughts and experiences. 
I think in Adyar TS, General Council and Executive Committee, both do not represent members. Because of it, any decision taken by the General Council or the Executive Committee can not be considered as one taken by a democratic TS. For example decision of expulsion of Canadian TS.
In TS, around half the members are from India. But in General Council, there is only one member from India, from around 37 members. 
Ideally, the Executive Committee also should have half the representatives from India, due to proportionate representation. But in reality, EC does not have that many members from India. 
Because of such unjust constitution, many decisions happen which are not really decisions of the TS. 
Also because of disproportionate powers given to GC members outside India, President can not take decisions properly. She has to resort to techniques to keep TS on track, and those techniques can be considered as unethical and undemocratic by some people. 
National Sections other than India have considerable freedom to take decisions. Yet what is the result? They perform worse than Indian Section.
Anand Gholap

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