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Re: Theos-World How much one can trust the TS leaders?

Mar 30, 2009 07:03 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear John,

your reply has shaked my cold out of the bones for a moment as I first thought that I used a wrong English terms.

Then I realized the sense of your message (what a luck that I am a clown).

You forgot frogs who can speak and the Agathies form inner Earth.

Not to mention the funny actors from NASA.

BTW, I have just the new German book read from Friedrich Georg: Mit dem Balkenkreuz zum Mond.
It deals with the German space programs - exoteric (Dornberger, Sanger, von Braun) and esoteric (Kammler, Oberth).
In this realm of speculations and desinformation it is of outstanding quality and I recommend it to all who can read German.
If your German is good enough or you have a friend who can read it for you - I highly recommend it to you.

It deals with documents found in Russia and personal reports to the author.
>From that it is quite clear that ALL what NASA has "developed" since 50 years, goes not beyond of point 8 out of 15 points of Eugen Sanger's 1938 exoteric to-do-list.

In other words, all what NASA has so far done, including "moon rocket", including satellites, GPS, space shuttle, space station and including the recent super sonic space plane are NOT new inventions, but clones of still mysterious German technology of the 1930'ies.

About the esoteric research there is until today not much information. Georg does not deal with esoteric high technology as free energy machines (perpetuum mobile for every household), but he mentions Oberth's Konigsberg (it's in Eastern Prussia, not Northern Prussia as Blavatsky or one of her co-workers believes in the SD) Operation Glocke (bell), a working time machine with a glass dome as screen.
One is reminded of HPB's description of it for the 25th century.

Much food for Blavatsky students, but shocking for good humans who never read about it in their local newspaper.


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Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World How much one can trust the TS leaders?

Lol! Yes. "Self-Determination"???? What in the world would anyone want to be that way for? Lol! Why would any Chela need to have the attribute of "Self-Determination"? "Other-Determination" by parents, family, friends, groups, governments, organizations, countries, states, city councils councils, authors of mountains of books,, bibles of all kinds, renowned philosophers, radio, TV, audio cassettes, photographs, newspapers, editorials contributors, voices from oputer space, voices from inner space, prophecy, doom and gloom writers, amazing faces on tree trunks, statues that bleed, messiahs and saviors, peer authorities, university professors, politicians, the irs, military generals, school teachers, basketball coaches, cows that sell cheese, lizards that seel insurance, turtles that sell broadband cable,clowns that promote hamburgers and hot dogs, movies from hollywood written by sleazy, slimy script writers, door knockers from churches, boiler-room phone calls for surveys, guru's, quasi-guru's, semi-guru's, former-guru's, would-be guru's, ufo aliens, inter-dimensional being from superior planes, it is all so enjoyable in our samsaric treks into eternal other-determination!!! 

PS: this was a futile attempt to out-sarcasimize the Heretic who hates birds the same as everybody else on this forum! Lol. 

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From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <> 
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 7:59:57 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific 
Subject: Re: Theos-World How much one can trust the TS leaders? 

your description of the present bad, sad situation of the TS/TM is well 

But it is not different from the situation of the West in general. 

We face a mass hypnosis and mind control as never before in history. 

We are running in big steps into a terrible marxist one world government. 

Then there will be even more hpynosis and mind control. 

If not a wonder happens, then there will be no need for theosophy anymore. 

Me thought HPB wanted an international group of self directed men and women 
who stand up and speak out. 


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From: MKR 
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:27 PM 
Subject: Theos-World How much one can trust the TS leaders? 

How much one can trust the TS leaders? 

Recently, a very observant theosophist mentioned in another forum that the 
TS election issues, disenfranchisement attempt, etc has made it to wiki. 
Today everyone looks up to wiki for any information. So the activities of 
the leaders around the world, especially in the "West" is available for 
everyone on the Internet to see. 

TS in the West has a hard time recruiting and retaining members. For an 
organization whose main object is Brotherhood and whose motto is "There is 
No Religion Higher Than Truth", the picture that a prospective as well as 
"on the fence" member sees it pitiful. They would wonder what is going on 
and the leaders working for what? 

The current situation in the West is very grave IMHO, whether we recognise 
it or not. Coupled with it, the actions of leaders in the West during the 
last year makes it worse. So the question in the minds of readers is How 
much one can trust the leaders? Who would want to join an organization with 
leaders with such a baggage which contradicts the main object and the motto? 
So we have to find an answer, and find it quickly. 

Looking at the situation as an individual with no part in the 
administration, past or present, the root cause is the great secrecy with 
which the Governing Council and the leaders operate. The secrecy of 
operation is what led to the events that took place during past year and 
more and it almost would have wrecked TS if the disenfranchisement attempt 
succeeded. Due to the super secrecy of operation, members do not know what 
is going on in the meetings or behind the scenes and it is almost impossible 
to get any authentic information. 

In the early days of TS, it was very transparent. Both HPB & HSO who 
gave prime of their lives know how important transparency is. Master KH 
warned in his 1900 and last letter, that unnecessary secrecy has killed many 
organizations. No one seems to have paid much attention to it until the 
election issues hit TS last year. Even then, it looks like no one has taken 
quick drastic steps to bring full transparency of operations. 

It looks like short of bringing in quick and total transparency at all 
levels â lodge, section and international, it is going to be impossible to 
recruit members â especially young members in this Internet Age due to the 
low level of credibility of leaders in the West. So let us not wail or 
complain if national sections disappear in the West in the next decades due 
to the our incompetence to see the problems very clearly and quickly move to 
fix them. 

I hope and pray God will help us save the situation. 


There is No Religion Higher Than Truth 

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