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Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful message........

Mar 29, 2009 02:41 PM
by robert_b_macd

Hi Anand,

Why do you think anyone would want to respond?  Your very message alienates anyone looking into the philosophy of Krishnamurti by calling his teaching Satanic.  You have insulted everyone trying to understand Blavatsky and her writings.  The only theosophist you give any credence to is Charles Leadbeater, and then only to that part of his life where he started a pseudo-Christian Church.  Anything outside his founding of the Church you ignore.

As you seem to have no interest in explaining why you believe what you believe, one can only surmise that you share the Christian adherence to blind faith.  As Theosophy is a doctrine that demands the student learn to think for himself, a philosophy wedded to blind faith is not going to appeal to very many theosophists.

Until you take some time to explain yourself, I assume everyone will perceive you as having the agenda of making the Theosophical Society into a Christian Church.  Such an agenda would not be the agenda of very many theosophists.  This makes you a poor ally in any future endeavour.

I do not belong to the Adyar Society anymore.  I was part of an entire Section that was excommunicated on the whim of one or two Adyar officials in possession of proxies from many countries which they dishonestly used to achieve their own political ends.  Bravo to these wise stewards of Theosophy.

I perceive this same camp behind the recent efforts to oust Radha.  But as Radha did nothing to stand up to injustice then, she has insured that there are far fewer to stand up for her now.

A theosophical society that seeks unanimity by expelling those with different views is not a society that many would want to belong to.  Yet, it seems by what you write, that it is the type of theosophy that you would advocate.  It does not seem that you would have a place for those who questioned Leadbeater and his Christian interpretations of theosophy within your society.  Despite denying to be involved in character assassination, every post you make takes a swipe at some "Satanic" or "lying" person from theosophical history.

You are fast making yourself a theosophical force of one.  Perhaps you should rethink your approach.


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> I had sent this thoughtful message. I think it is very important to consider it, as future of TS depends on these factors. Here is the message :
> "Radha might lead TS for 4 years or so. But what next? She has not allowed any talented Indian person to rise, so that he can take charge, when she has to go.
> What is in her mind? As I said earlier, in foreign countries I did not get one
> person capable of being the President of TS.
> In India there are few capable persons, whom she has not encouraged. Only person
> she had tried to encourage was her own relative P. Krishna. This is worst
> candidate for TS, because he is more interested in satanic teaching of J.
> Krishnamuri. TS must keep him thousands of miles away. He should deliver pizzas
> instead of working for any spiritual organization.
> This family of N.Sri Ram, Radha Burnier is trying to keep control of TS within
> the family. Radha has not allowed any competent person from India to become
> strong in TS, even while she is nearing death. It appears that if she had
> allowed anybody to become strong, she feared her own defeat in elections.
> TS in many countries like the US, the UK and in EU is misgoverned. Officers
> have neither capacity to understand Theosophy, nor required moral courage to
> stand by it in difficult times."
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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