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An Interesting Comment from NZ GS

Mar 27, 2009 05:29 PM
by MKR

An Interesting Comment from NZ GS

In a recent NZ Newsletter, the NZ GS writes in glowing terms about Kim Dieu,
the president of european federation. He says:

âKim-Dieu is a leading reformer of the TS Rules. It seems clear that she
will be challenged for her position in near future, with the aim of
replacing her with a âconformingâ and more compliant new European Leader.â

A newbee member may be gullible and may take the above in its face value. I
think that members should be reminded of certain basic facts. Firstly, she
is not elected by members of a section like General Secretaries. She is one
of the group of GC members who electioneered to get Radha Burnier defeated
under the mistaken ruse that she is mentally and physically sick, which was
later refuted by three independent physicians from two continents. Even
after the true facts came out, she never attempted to correct the earlier
erroneous information.

This is pardonable. What followed is more serious. The sudden  interest in
reforming the rules turned up to be the backdoor attempt to seize control of
the International President after Radha was elected with a resounding

What is more serious is the super secret attempt to disenfranchise all
members in president election so that a handful of GC members can nominate
and appoint the president who will become a puppet. Kim is one of the
Quartet architects of this radical move to disenfranchise all of us and if
the disenfranchisement had succeeded, the days of TS in the West would have
been numbered. Disenfranchisement can never be equated with reformation of
TS Rules. Disenfranchisement move also shows how much regard the Quartet and
others behind the move have for the voting rights of members.

IMHO, much good will come to TS if members replace her and others who were
behind the secret disenfranchisement attempt with real leaders who respect
the fundamental democratic voting rights of members and protect it.


There is no Religion Higher Than Truth

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