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Re: What's happening?

Mar 27, 2009 02:08 AM
by c.leest

I see Obama has started with!

But he cannot do all alone, he only can start with.

--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:
> Hi I.R.,
> This is an unmoderated list and as such is available to anyone to say 
> anything they like, pretty much. I read (or skim) the list every day 

> and it seems to me to be a fairly good reflection of our society in 
> general. There are many sincere and honest participants who make a 
> comment from time to time, and there are always a few who have an 
> agenda and who try to push it. Fortunately we have the choice whether 
> or not to read any given post.
> It seems to me that Theosophy came into the Western world through the 
> hard work and personal sacrifice of a few great souls for the purpose 
> of helping us cope with the cyclic changes that humanity is currently 
> enduring. We who study their work and try to implement the basic 
> principles in our daily lives find that our world becomes larger as 
> our consciousness expands to include the mystery of our being. 
> It would be interesting perhaps to have a discussion of how we can 
> make a difference in our world, not only by our outer activities but 
> even by our thoughts. If the Age of Peace and Brotherhood is in the 
> process of being born, how can we facilitate this process?
> Welcome,
> Adelasie
> --------------------------------------------------
> On 24 Mar 2009 at 23:07, snyderprincesss wrote:
> I was raised since childhood at the Theosophical Lodge in San 
> Francisco, Ca. I was really excited to start this discussion forum 
> but I must say I'm a little saddenned at that most of what I've read 
> so far is some sort of "Match" going on back and forth of the 
> "ego's". Please don't be insulted by this I am in NO WAY trying to 
> hurt anyone by my statements. Quite the opposite.
> Is there anything else going on here? Is anybody reading daily and on 
> a day to day basis trying to serve in some way if nothing more than 
> eye contact and sincere smiles to everyone we see?
> I have always felt alone to an extent growing up with having no one 
> my age to talk about Theosophy with(as I'm 34 now). I was hoping this 
> would be the avenue I had been searching for? Are there any 
> discussion groups on what we can do as a force to help with the 
> movement?
> Love & Peace
> I.R.

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