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On Wiki - TS Adyar Controversy

Mar 26, 2009 09:51 PM
by MKR

The events starting with last year's election and subsequent attempt to
disenfranchise members and seize control of the presidency has made it to
wiki. Go and check it out yourself.

When anyone needs to check on any info, they used to go to an encyclopaedia
in old days. Now Internet users go to Wiki.

So the damage done to TS by some of the leaders due to the electioneering
and subsequent attempt to disenfranchise members is now in public view. This
is going to make it difficult to recruit young Internet savvy members to TS
because they are going to check out TS on the wiki and what they read is
going to make them wonder how to reconcile the leaders actions with the main
object of the TS and the motto of the TS.

We have not seen any recent efforts from the section leaders in the West to
fix the damage done. On the other hand we do not know what is going on
secretly behind the scenes. Looking at the poor member retention and
recruitment rate  in the West, if the downward slide continues no one should
be surprised.

When leaders spend their time and energy in electioneering and
disenfranchising plans, how can we expect increased vitality and vibrancy in
the sections which in turn affect membership  recruitment and retention.

As they say when you are up against the wall, what do you do? Pray to God
that somehow the problem will get solved. Let us all Pray, first thing every
morning instead of meditating how to become a chela.


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