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Re: Theos-World Message from the Anti Christ or the Satan???

Mar 26, 2009 06:17 PM
by Augoeides-222

How many have appropiated the expression "Anti-Christ" over the centuries? But "Anti" is an western conversion of the Greek "Ante" which is not as flat and dry as it seems or even the ture meaning. I read many years ago that the Greek term "Ante" had four transliteration in ranking usage: 
1. Chief - Foremost 
2. Next to- Beside 
3. Substitute 
4. Adversary 
The most indicated and most used is 1. "Chief - Foremost,, and the 4th Adversary was the least used of the four possible ranked transliterations. 

So, if the 1st was meant, then we await the "Chief and Foremost Christ" (a la Avatar Cycle) which just so happens to correlate to the prophecy that Christ will return upon the consummation of the ages which points to the highest of the four states of the Mandukya and the last age of the Hindu cycle, he rides upon the Purush as his "horse and vehicle" and the Purush is the Infinite "cloud" in which we all also have participation and the reality viz unity/individuation. 
If it was the second of the four then perhaps it was the twin didymus. if it was the 3rd then maybe it was indicating the Simon Magus scenario. And if it was the 4th the least used, maybe it was the conditioned mind of all mankind that is indicated. 

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Anand writes: 

"Here we have extremely important and rare reference from the writing 
of C.W. Leadbeater, where CWL refutes J. Krishnamurti's teaching 'Truth is pathless land'. This refutation of Krishnamurti's teaching is 
extremely important for the world because the message which 
Krishnamurti gave was exactly opposite of the message of Jesus Christ. 
The message of Krishnamurti seems more like message from the Anti 
Christ or the Satan." 

Since Anand brings up the message of the Anti Christ or Satan, it should be noted that the vast majority [99.99% ??] of Christians in the world would probably think in turn that C.W. Leadbeater's teachings are from the Anti Christ or Satan. 


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