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Re: Theos-World What's happening?

Mar 25, 2009 06:40 AM
by adelasie

Hi I.R.,

This is an unmoderated list and as such is available to anyone to say 
anything they like, pretty much. I read (or skim) the list every day 
and it seems to me to be a fairly good reflection of our society in 
general. There are many sincere and honest participants who make a 
comment from time to time, and there are always a few who have an 
agenda and who try to push it. Fortunately we have the choice whether 
or not to read any given post.

It seems to me that Theosophy came into the Western world through the 
hard work and personal sacrifice of a few great souls for the purpose 
of helping us cope with the cyclic changes that humanity is currently 
enduring. We who study their work and try to implement the basic 
principles in our daily lives find that our world becomes larger as 
our consciousness expands to include the mystery of our being. 

It would be interesting perhaps to have a discussion of how we can 
make a difference in our world, not only by our outer activities but 
even by our thoughts. If the Age of Peace and Brotherhood is in the 
process of being born, how can we facilitate this process?


On 24 Mar 2009 at 23:07, snyderprincesss wrote:

I was raised since childhood at the Theosophical Lodge in San 
Francisco, Ca. I was really excited to start this discussion forum 
but I must say I'm a little saddenned at that most of what I've read 
so far is some sort of "Match" going on back and forth of the 
"ego's". Please don't be insulted by this I am in NO WAY trying to 
hurt anyone by my statements. Quite the opposite.

Is there anything else going on here? Is anybody reading daily and on 
a day to day basis trying to serve in some way if nothing more than 
eye contact and sincere smiles to everyone we see?

I have always felt alone to an extent growing up with having no one 
my age to talk about Theosophy with(as I'm 34 now). I was hoping this 
would be the avenue I had been searching for? Are there any 
discussion groups on what we can do as a force to help with the 

Love & Peace



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