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Why moderated forums are better?

Mar 23, 2009 11:09 AM
by MKR

Why I and many others free thinking theosophists like unmoderated forums?

Many of us have participated in this and other theosophical and other
discussion forums, most of which are unmoderated.

There are many problems with moderated forums. First of all it is extremely
time consuming to moderate a very active forum with many active members.
Secondly if it is a forum run for an organization - commercial or
philathropic or religious or educational or whatever, usually an employee is
asked to moderate. This is an unenvieable job. It is all the more difficult
if the employeeâs room and board is at the whim of the organizational
leaders who will have their own official and personal agendas and you cross
the line, you will head to the unemployment line.

>From time to time there are going to be facts and issues that the leadership
would rather keep it under wraps because it would be embarassing to the
organization or the leadership or both.

Based on the experience with theos-talk and theos-L, due to the independent
status outside the control or influence of any organization, you will find
that at times the exchanges may be very intense, things go personal, usually
other members jump in and the discussions get self moderated.

Over and above all of the above, TS Adyar would be a very different place
today, under the control of a small group of GC members, but for the
theos-talk and theos-L which provided free and open platforms to discuss
many election and post election issues which many leaders around the world
would rather keep out from the membership because they do not serve the
purposes which they think is good for the TS which in fact are injurious to
TS and membership, IMHO.

My 0.02


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