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Mar 21, 2009 04:19 PM
by Cass Silva

Sad as it is MKR, for everything there is a season - why then the imperitive to hold on to a society that has been so churchified in its political and philosophical viewpoint that it no longer resembles the pure theosophy that HPB and the Masters brought us.

I don't know about others and perhaps it was a coincidence but theosophy came to me - I did not seek it out - the world as it is now needs a society that is solid and consistent in its presentation - to present an and/or version demerits the maxim - there is no religion higher than truth - theosophy has become religious in some quarters - and if we are to be true to the faith - one cannot accept an and/or version of truth.  To promote a flipsy flopsy theosophy will only play into the hands of those that may wish to promote theosophy in order to destroy the society (whether the leaders are conscious of this or not)- better to abandon the society - than to play into the hands of those that may ultimately be seeking its demise - no matter how noble the action it will add to personal and global karma.

One cannot go out as theosophical missionaries - one can only post through non-theosophical groups an alternative explanation - theos talk could be a central core - the go to place for theosophists to continue study of HPB's writings and provide non-theosophists a means to begin enquiry. However, one cannot be a 'catholic' and a 'born again christian' at the same time - the core teachings must be limited to HPB's works and those subsequent authors that carried on the same tradition.

Perhaps the only solution is a divorce


From: MKR <>
Sent: Saturday, 21 March, 2009 4:45:52 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World A PERSON OF MORAL COURAGE

I join in the sentiment expressed by Bro. Delahunt.

Not many people may know that Joe is a long-time dedicated member (with a
lot of computer skills) and losing such members is only going to hurt TS and
theosophy. The only saving grace is that he does not depend on the TS for
his room and board.

At a time when TS around the world is struggling to recruit and retain
members, (the statistics speaks for itself) incidents such as this shocking.
This coupled with the events surrounding TS since the start of the last
year's election is going to make it very difficult to recruit new members. I
have posted a separate message just a few minutes ago on this.


On 3/20/09, t_s_theosophist <THEOSOPHIST@> wrote:
> Kudos to Joe Fulton for sticking to his principles and not succumbing to
> political pressure.
> It takes Integrity and Moral Courage to do what Joe did. We only wish that
> more of our Fellow Theosophists would wake up from their apathy and follow
> Joes' example.
> Best Fratrnal Wishes;
> William Delahunt,
> Orlando, Florida
> Theosophist@ <Theosophist%>
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