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To Govert: Part 4: HPB Infallible, sacred source???

Mar 21, 2009 07:31 AM
by danielhcaldwell

William Doss McDavid in his book "An Introduction to Esoteric Principles:  A Study Course" writes:

"Should we take H.P.B. as an infallible authority? . . . Absolutely not. . . . But there is another side to the question.  We have to remember that the modern Theosophical movement owes its very existence to H.P.B. and the Masters, whose faithful agent she claimed to be. It would be extremely unwise to reject the teachings given through her without understanding what those teachings really were in the first place. And how can we acquire this understanding if we do not study her writings? We don't have to blindly accept what she says or take her views as the last word, but at least we should become familiar with those views firsthand. Then we can reject or accept intelligently. When the works of other and later writers who claim to be continuing the work begun by H.P.B. present viewpoints and 'revelations' which are at direct variance with the original lines of teaching, we may feel justified in questioning the source of the newer pronouncements. A familiarity with the original writings, therefore, provides a criterion for intelligent judgment." p. 37


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