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We are the hand that strikes us

Mar 21, 2009 05:46 AM
by Bill Meredith

"In the world of Reality, the demand of justice for the individual is almost repulsive, it is so utterly impossible and incompatible with things as they are.  In the blindness and illusion of our world-image we may fancy ourselves to be separate and distinct, yet, all the time, the fact remains that we never are separate, but are fundamentally and essentially one in being and reality.  In that reality we not ony share, we are the life of all creatures in a fullness of utter unity which is incomprehensible to our consciousness in daily life.  The demand for justice is therefore meaningless in that world;  it does not matter whether a thing happens to that part of reality which I call myself or to the part which I call someone else, all are one in utter unity; what happens to someone else happens to ourselves, there is but one Reality in which and through which all happens."

--Van der Leeuw, J.J. THE CONQUEST OF ILLUSION; Alfred A. Knopf: London and New York; 1928, p193


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