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Buddha versus Theosophist

Mar 20, 2009 03:27 PM
by Martin

Suppose you are a Buddha, know all but the unknown, feel Love and Compassion to all that lives, understand the seperateness in which all manifested dwells and suffer the absense of total bliss of Universal ( or the ONE ) Peace to all that lives or has lived.
Now imagine you meet a theosophist, who longs for all knowledge, the feel of Love and Compassion, and to stand in seperateness suffering the lack of understanding all this.
Since all manifested is an illusion, the theosophist would be completely thrown upside down in your presence and at best be enlightened because of your presence. At worst he would instantly die.
Now imagine you would have postponed Buddhahood and stayed a wouldn't have the final answer given by the One Soul, however you would be able to stretch the problems of the the theosophist you encounter, who at best would be a follower of you and at worst ignore you.
Finally you would just imagine you are not even a pupil and had never heard of theosophy and walk into a theosphist, you would hear a lot of ( book )knowledge, be invited with lots of cups of coffee and tea to hear more stories theosophists want to tell you about love and compassion, the Peace of the Buddha's, the powers of the Masters and the rules of being a student.
Then you come to the conclusion, you just stay who you are and were, take each day as it comes and feed your soul with the beauties life can give you, with just one rule in mind: You get what you give and you give what you get...


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