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Letter From Betty Bland

Mar 19, 2009 08:32 PM
by Joseph P. Fulton

I have resigned from the Theosophical Society and The Theosophical Community.  

Please read this letter from Betty Bland and judge for yourself:

Dear Joe,
I talked with Dan Noga and Janeth and reviewed some of the posts concerning the rocky situation surrounding her banning.  There are several issues at stake here:
1.	The Theosophical Community is Janeth's lifeblood.  She is isolated and emotionally fragile and this gives her connection?not license mind you, but important connection.
2.	You had agreed with Dan that you would not ban anyone; you could only recommend that action to him.
3.	Banning is far more permanent than you might have imagined in that all of her information is deleted irretrievably.
4.	Any corrective action has to be done in stages, with proper warnings and without emotional content or argument.  Too many words make it seem that there is always room for further discussion or negotiation so the line is not clear.
5.	I deeply appreciate the wonderful work and involvement you have with the TC and as you have said, recognize that it is a learning experience for all of us.
6.	In order to correct the situation to the greatest possible degree, I ask you to write a letter of apology to Janeth, the TC and to Dan for taking an action inappropriately and for which you were not authorized.  I know this is tough, but it is a necessary part of the healing.  We cannot reclaim all her friends and postings, but we can at least set this to the right to the best of our ability.
7.	For any future warnings, Dan has agreed to keep me posted, and any proposed bans will require my approval.
I hope you can see the wisdom of these actions and will cooperate with us in getting back on track.
With best wishes and appreciation, BB

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