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To Govert & Anand: Which Posting Do I Respond To?

Mar 17, 2009 09:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Govert and Anand,

I am aware of each of your postings which can be found at:


Due to time constraints there is not going to be time enough to respond in any detail to both of your postings so I must decide which one to comment on.

At this point, I think I will respond to some of Govert's comments because I think that we might actually have a more productive ongoing dialogue and discussion.

Furthermore, I believe that I have already on a number of occasions responded to some of Anand's points as they are found in his most recent email listed above.

So Govert I will work on a partial response to some of your comments but I will need a day or two to formulate them.


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