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The Krishnamurti Cult & the KH 1900 Letter

Mar 17, 2009 06:57 PM
by danielhcaldwell

A study of the history of the Adyar Theosophical Society between the time when Krishnamurti was "discovered" and the time when he renounced all the claims that had been made about him shows the creation of a "Krishnamurti cult" which unfortunately dominated much of the life of the TS.  

Yet I have often wondered what would have happened if Annie Besant had really taken to heart and practiced the advice found in the 1900 KH letter to her.

Take for example just these words from this 1900 letter:

The cant about "Masters" must be silently but firmly put down. Let the devotion and service be to that Supreme Spirit alone of which each one is a part. 

Instead it appears the devotion and service of hundreds if not thousands of Theosophists were given instead to Krishnamurti and the supposed Maitreya "overshadowing" him.

And Mrs. Besant not only ignored the Master's sage advice about letting the "devotion and service be to that Supreme Spirit alone of which each one is a part," but instead promoted the following:

"And now I have to give you, by command of the King, His message,
and some of the messages of the Lord Maitreya and His great
Brothers. . . what I am saying, as to matter of announcement, is
definitely at the command of the King whom I serve.

His taking possession of His chosen vehicle . . . will be soon.
Then He will choose, as before, His twelve apostles . . . and their
chief, the Lord Himself. He has already chosen them, but I have only
the command to mention seven who have reached the stage of Arhatship,
Who were the 'Arhats'?

The first two, my brother Charles Leadbeater and myself, . . . C.
Jinarajadasa, . . . George Arundale, Oscar Kollerstrom, . . . Rukmini

I left out one and must leave out another. Naturally, our
Krishnaji [Jiddu Krishnamurti] was one, but he is to be the vehicle
of the Lord. And the other is one who is very dear to all of us, as
to the whole Brotherhood: Bishop James Wedgwood. He had borne his
crucifixion before the seal of Arhatship was set upon him by his King.
Those are the first seven of the twelve whom He has chosen, with
Himself as the thirteenth. 'Ye call me Master and Lord, and ye do
well, for so I am.'

Now the wonder may come into your mind: H.P.B. was the only one
who was really announced as the messenger of the Master. Since then
the world has grown a good deal, and it is possible that while the
few may be repelled, many thousands will be attracted to the
Christ. . . . Whatever the effect, since He has said it, it is
done. . ."

The Theosophist, November, 1925

Also compare Mrs. Besant's above words with what Madame Blavatsky had said about similar claims:

'Lo here! and lo there!': The Messiah Craze


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